For A Drawing Group

Not so much for art classes, but we had a weekly art figure drawing group that used a large room in my house to meet. We took turns modeling so we didn't have to pay a model. It worked well, but if someone didn't want to model they were still responsible to get a replacement. I was often asked by the women to model instead of them. Some of them never got naked, but I modeled fairly often. It was fun, but I didn't get to draw as much as I wanted, and I've never been that keen on drawing guys. Luckily most of the group were women.

I moved and lost touch with that group. It would be fun to start up another group of like minded artist.
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Did you find posing for the group to be an erotic experience?

Definitely, but I had to try and not think about while I was modeling--or else.. I think the girls tried once in a while to get my attention by spreading their legs and letting me see their panties then watch the results.

Oh those devious women! They must be punished! LOL!
I\'ve never been in that position, posing for a group. I know I\'d be excited, maybe TOO excited.
I\'ve been in situations, (mixed nude company), when it is beneficial (for me) to have a have a hefty penis, yet a full erection would be totally embarrasing. That is a slippery slope! Pretty hard to control!

Devious! I heard a story about them doing it to another model and he did get erect. They giggled and laughed until the poor fellow had to leave the room until things settled down.

I\'ve never been what you call hefty, in fact I\'m on the smaller size, so it was both fun to be exposed and vulnerable and awkward at the same time. I had a tall lean body in those days but I was very self conscious about my size, especially flaccid, like 2-3 inches--somewhat out of proportion to the rest of me . Today I could give a hoot, but then, I wish I hadn\'t cared and just been more comfortable with it. One of the girls did proposition me, but I was married so I turned her down.