Just yesterday I went to my weekly art workshop to attend the figure study group. There are usually about 20 women in attendance and I get a lot of ribbing because I'm the only guy that attends. I have known these ladies for about a year and we have become close friends, going to art exhibitions and gallery installations together.

After we had set up and mingled, we sat around waiting for the female model to arrive. She was late and that was unusual because she was always prompt. We had been using the same woman model since the group started so we were concerned. One of the ladies called her home to see what had happened and was told that our model had a sudden death in the family and was so upset that she forgot to call us. We decided that we would cancel the workshop for another time when the woman next to me leaned over and asked if I would model for the class since they had never drawn a male before. The other ladies pleaded and so I thought "what the hell." I walked to the podium fully clothed and struck a standing pose. The group started to draw in earnest.

The woman who had asked me to pose wondered if I would allow her to pose me so that the drawing would be more interesting. I agreed and she approached the podium. She whispered in my ear that she would like to remove some of my clothes. I told her I wouldn't mind her doing that as long as she would pose with me on the platform. She giggled as she climbed up next to me. She turned to the other women and explained that she would model with me and that we would take off some clothes to make the pose more interesting. The excitement among the others was overwhelming. My co-model was about 5' 4" tall with blond hair in a pony tail. about a 32D bra and a waist that I could place both hands around. She couldn't have weighed more than about 98 lbs. she was stunning. She bent down and removed my shoes and socks throwing them off the podium, she was already barefoot. She stood and unbuttoned my shirt and tugged the tails from my jeans exposing my chest. She then moved closer to me pushing her breasts into my chest as she reached between us and fumbled with my belt and zipper. She slid the zipper down and pealed back the flaps exposing my white briefs. She stood back admiring her handiwork as she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it along with her bra. She was amazing as she stood there in only her jeans. She sat on the floor and leaned against my right leg with her arms and hands wrapped around my leg. She looked up into my face with a broad smile as I placed my hand on the back of her head and stared into her eyes. The other ladies just watched us as some of them sketched. I found this situation to be quite stimulating and began to grow. The blond kept smiling as her hands around my leg slowly began to tug at my jeans. they eventually began to slide off my hips with the constant downward pressure. By the time they had reached my knees, one of the group suggested a break for about 10 minutes.

during the break, the blond removed my jeans and as I stepped out of them she said "I guess we don't need these any more." She unbuttoned her jeans and took them off. She was wearing a black lacy pair of underwear that made the situation even more erotic. I took off my shirt so that we would both only be wearing our underwear. Most of the women in the group talked to us during the break to say how brave we were to pose in front of our friends.

With the break over, the blond and I returned to the podium and placed ourselves back into the previous positions. While she was on the floor looking up at me, she said "Lets give these ladies something to gossip about." I smiled back at her and she moved her hand up my leg to the waistband of my briefs. She slowly began to pull the briefs down and off. Now a I was standing there stark naked in front of all these women with a blond wrapped around my leg.

The workshop usually lasted about 4 hours. We were only into an hour of the session with three hours to go. The room was extremely hot and the blond and I were glistening with sweat. We had struck several poses together and she was suggesting positions that were extremely erotic with the encouragement of the other women. I was lying on the floor with the blond straddling my crotch as if we were ******* when I noticed that some of the other artists had begun to remove some of their clothing. Before long it was suggested that the artists get as naked as the models. When some of the women began to *****, several decided to leave. Into our second hour we now had eight women left sketching that were as nude as me and the blond. Everyone was having such a good time that they decided to have the next workshop completely in the nude.

When the day ended, we all dressed and had a good laugh about me being such a good sport. The remaining women asked if I would be willing to model again in the future, to which I said yes. I intend to model again next week with the promise that I would have a different co-model if I wanted. I cant wait for next week.
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I am also a figure model and have often posed nude either with friends or for friends. I enjoy both.

I WANT to believe this story is true -- it's just such a great story! Please reassure me that it really happened like this. I would absolutely love for something like this to happen to me, although I'm already a nude model so the party about being asked to get up in front of fellow classmates that I'd known for awhile wouldn't be the case, but I love the premise.

Yep, it really happened.

You ever show a full erection when modeling for that group?
It is not possible for me to be naked in front of others with out getting a full hard on, a problem I had at some nudist camps in the past.

I did have a hard on that day. It doesn't usually happen, but sometimes........