This is something I have done off and on throughout the years. The classes typically like to use a variety of ages and body types and, now that I am in my 50s, I can still pose. The pay isn't great (at least where I live) but I do it because it is fun to pose nude. I have not done it in a while but I recently contacted a 2-year college close by and we will see how that goes.
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I have wanted to pose nude for an art class for a while, but I don't know where to sign up, and doubt they want some old guy sitting there.

Lucky Dog......LOL

Well, I got the job. It's a 2-yr. college about 30 miles from here so that's good. Pay is $40 per session (1 hr. 15 min.). The instructor I talked to told me it's a life drawing class and that she likes different aged models. She told me there shouldn't be any hard-to-hold poses and that I can undress in her office. Monday night.

The job is what I expected. Pretty good, actually. Now, a colleague of mine at my university, an art professor, has approached me with a proposal. A recent graduate is going to keep working with her and the project concerns the mythological satyr. My colleague thinks I'd be right as a model. Just one thing. At least one of the sessions would require me to be aroused. I'm giving it some thought. My wife wants to be part of this. She says she'll help with arousal, if needed. I just might do this.

Oh that sounds like fun. I agree with your wife, you should do this.