When I was in college as an undergrad student, 23 years ago, I posed three times nude as a model in my art classes. I could not help looking at some of the guys playing with themselves as they were drawing me. Such a great picture of both of us; one playing and one thinking about playing.
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Back in college I did it several times. It started with a gal asking me to pose for her alone in her apartment. I did on the condition she would ***** down also. I did. She did. Of course we did the deed before we settled down enough for her to draw. She asked if I would do it for her class. Sure why not. I knew several others, M & F, in her class and insisted she not tell them it would be me beforehand. It was so cool to see their reactions when I came out of the backroom naked.

It is amazing how many people here admit to having posed nude for art or photography classes in college. I did it a few times, never got paid, but met some nice people and had sex with a few. I wish students had gotten paid for it back when I was in college. I just thought it was fun and satisfied my urge for exhibitionism.

My sister and I both posed nude for art classes while in college.

Wonderful to hear.

I should join an art class