Posed Nude First Time in Months.
Yesterday I posed nude for a life drawing class and enjoyed it immensely. The summer has been slow and the only gigs I've had have been portrait modeling, so it's been 3 months since I've taken my clothes off in front of a group of artists and spent 3 hours totally naked up on the stand in front of them. Man, I've missed this! As readers of my posts may know, I've spent a lot of time naked this summer--going swimming/hiking/biking nude at the quarry, etc--but with a few isolated exceptions those have all been me by myself enjoying some personal nude time. But for someone with some latent exhibitionist tendencies, there's nothing quite like being a figure model for life drawing classes. This was a bit of a milestone for me too, as it marked the 50th time I've modeled nude here at the Cultural Arts Center.
I was running a bit late yesterday and showed up just barely by staying time. I've posed nude for this instructor nearly 40 times in the past so she knows that I NEVER 'no show'. However, since it was time to start, I just set my bag down, said hello to everyone, and ******** off my clothes right there in front of everyone, without bothering to go off into the little side room that is typically used. I like taking my clothes off in front of everyone since it adds some element of the personal to exposing my body to them.
After that we went right to work with 4 short warm-up poses before going into the extended one that would last the rest of the 3 hours. They had a barstool chair with back and armrests up on the stand for me. So I hiked my left thigh up onto the seat and propped my left arm across the back. This left my right leg extended to the floor and I draped my right arm down my right thigh. This left me in a very exposed pose that put my freshly shaved legs and balls, and nearly hairless pubic area fully open to the left half of the room. This also happened to be where all the female artists were gathered for this session, which was no accident on my part. In all, there were 4 women and 3 men in the studio, plus the woman who leads the class. Their ages ranged from about 40 to 70 or so. I've written before that I like posing nude for a little older crowd because they tend to be pretty loose and easy going in their demeanor. This group of women was no exception. (I've modeled before for one of the women and two of the men). I positioned myself so I could see my body if I glanced down slightly, but could also see all the women drawing me if I glanced up slightly.
Anyways, as I was up there nude on the stand looking down at the scene I just thought to myself, "this is what I love doing!" I absolutely love being naked, as well as being seen by others while in a willing context. So this is perfect. I'm up here for 3 solid hours being looked at immensely, while I'm not only naked but positioned so that everything is very visible. My balls are shaved smooth and the rest of my pubic hair is trimmed to less than 1/4", almost giving the appearance of having it shaved too. I mean, where else can a guy expose his genitals in such a brazen way to strangers without getting arrested? And here I am getting paid for it! (and don't have to be a Chippendale dancer, either).
These thoughts ran through my head while I was up there, and I'm surprised I didn't get an erection in response to it. A few times my penis did begin to thicken up ever so slightly but probably not enough to even be noticed by anyone but me. Had I got a hard-on while in this exposed position, there would've been NO way to hide it, nor the inevitable drop off pre-*** that would've followed it. (Somewhat) fortunately I am at an age where erections don't pop up with that great a frequency or else my thoughts would've probably created a problem for me yesterday.
At the end of the session when the timer went off, I didn't get dressed immediate either. I did pull on my underwear, but they were a white pair of thin nylon briefs that are form fitting and a little bit see through. Then I walked over to the sink and used wet paper towels to wipe the charcoal residue of my get before getting the rest of the way dressed. I was standing alongside other artists cleaning up their stuff as I did so. Nobody was bothered by this and I took my time getting the rest of my clothes on as they prepared to do their critiques of one another's work.
This experience shows that having posed nude many times in the past need not make one bored with it. This was the 109th time I've posed nude for artists and I can truly say that I STILL absolutely love getting up in front of a roomful of clothed people and taking my clothes off.
lifedwg01 lifedwg01
46-50, M
Aug 12, 2014