My best friend's sister Emily asked me to pose for her art group when she heard that I had been to a nude beach. I have a naturally shy personality so people who know me are always amazed to discover that I could have done such a thing. It took about a year but finally they convinced me to do it. It was out of town so I didn't have to worry about accidentally running into people I knew. For at least a whole month before the big day it was all that I could think about.

Emily had explained everything and reassured me that everything would be fine, so I was not really worried, but when the time came for me to come out and slip off my robe, I was still so nervous that I felt like I had forgotten how to walk. There were 8 artists there. It wasn't really a class, but just something they all got together to do. The whole session lasted about two hours, starting with shorter, standing poses and working up to longer ones, sitting and lying down.

Being so nervous made it hard to appreciate the experience completely; it felt a little unreal, like I was observing myself from outside. Being the center of attention, and the only one nude, makes it much more intense than being at the beach. Also, at the beach you can always cover up if you feel uncomfortable, but as a professional model you can't. The artists were in a circle around me, which also is a funny feeling, being observed from all sides. No matter which way you turn, someone is always going to be drawing your tush.

After it was over, I had a little rush of self-confidence and pride for going through with it. I felt like I was, or could be, a different person: my new nude model self. It was winter, but I left my shirt unbuttoned quite far down, because it seemed like something a nude model would do (even if she wasn't wearing anything under it).

Emily and some of the other artists took me out for coffee after. They were all very nice and didn't seem to find anything unusual in talking to someone they had just spent two hours looking at naked. One of the artists passed around his sketchbook, and I wondered if any of the other people in the coffee shop might notice that the girl in the drawings was me. I secretly hoped they would.
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It's a great feeling. I haven't modeled for a couple years but I'd go back to it in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.

I was a nude model in college for four years. I felt the same at first, but later became so used to being naked around other that it didn't even feel different anymore.

I stopped even bringing a robe after the second semester. It seemed ridiculous to wear a robe when everybody was on break, and take it back off again.

After a while, the teachers would use me as the first model of the semester because I was so comfortable with it.

I enjoyed modeling. I have zero artistic ability, so I felt like modeling was my contribution to art.

I've modeled several times in the 30 years since I graduated from college.

I'm 50 years old now, and I've learned that we are never as old, or as fat as we think we are. Don't ever be ashamed of your body. There are billions of people in this world, but only one you.

I always regretted being to afraid to sign up to pose nude for art classes on college, because I had wanted to. Good for you for going ahead and doing it.
I rectified that situation a few years ago when I was unemployed, by working as a nude art model when I could, to supplement what little income I had at the time. I absolutely loved doing it, and miss it now. Alas, my wife would not go along with it and I had to discontinue.
I like that you stated going without the robe. I would've certainly liked to do that but usually had the distinct impression that remaining naked during breaks was frowned upon (plus also having read that in many places, too). I occasionally would 'forget' to bring a robe--and just wrap a towel if I needed to go out to the restroom--but still sensed that if I started making a habit of it, something might be said of it.
I agree completely that needing to have a robe or other covering during breaks is rather silly though. If being looked at intently for the hours while fully nude is OK, then why isn't being nude while walking around looking at artwork or chatting with the artists?

I am also a model

As a nude art model myself, I always enjoy reading about someone's first time posing nude. I still remember my first time vividly. I was like you in that as the day got closer my thoughts were more and more filled with anticipation of the big event. On the day of, I could hardly work at my day job, as I kept thinking, "in __ hours and __ minutes, I'm going to be posing NUDE in front of a roomful of people!"
I loved the experience immensely and have gone on to pose more than 100 times fully nude as well as many other clothed or semi nude sessions. It never gets old though.