I have been a model for seven years. Modeling nude at a college art class would be a piece of cake for me. I volunteered and removed all of my clothes except for wearing a robe. When I walked into the art class, I removed my robe and sat on the table totally nude. I did this for four days.
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I did this when I was in college. It was a excellent expereicnes. I was very relax with this because I also did this a a young teens. Modeling is a non sexual event. So if you get arousal or erotic with see a nude person model for an art class. Please do not be in art.

that's pretty awesome, good for you. Add me plz

Many years ago I did it for a college art class. It was the most exhilarating (sp?) feeling when I dropped the robe up on the elevated platform in front of about 20 people, a few of which I knew. I even did it a few other times for a few people at a time back in their apts. I'm sure no one would be interested in seeing me do it now nearly 50 years later. Ha! Ha!