I've been working as an art model for a couple of years now. I am an artist and at the time, had only attended life drawings session as an artist and not a model. When I first started, I just needed some cash and thought to myself "this should be an easy thing to do." I quickly learned that it wasn't. I remember having to fight against my failing muscles to hold poses. One wouldn't imagine how tiring it can be to remain still.

Overall however, it was a positive experience. It wasn't sexual as some people seem to mistakenly believe(and I find it kind of offensive when that's implied). I being an artist am now able to contribute to art in a way I could have never imagined. I decided to move forward from there. Since then I've worked with tons of schools and it's been great.

I don't really tell most friends about this job(unless they're artists), because I've already seen how some people will get the wrong idea. Over all it's a great job and I've made a good number of friends since I've started out.
Tribesman Tribesman
22-25, M
Jul 9, 2015