I was a nude model for an art class a few years ago and enjoyed the experience. Here's my story and it's all true.....

While an undergraduate at a major university in the South, I took an art class that used a female nude model. From time to time, this girl did not show up for a class and the professor was stuck without a model.After canceling the first class, the next time the girl pulled a "no show", the professor had each of the students take turns in posing for 15 minutes. We were all clothed for anykind of pose we wanted to do during these 15 minutes. Though requested, no one took the professor's up on one of us posing nude for the class. No one wanted to do this in front of his/her classmates. Classmates that for the great majority having the same major had known each other since a Freshman. Our female model did return to class to pose. No explanation was given for her absences during the middle of the semester. As a class though, we felt cheated due to her not showing up to do her job.

Fast forward a couple of years later with me at another large university working on a Masters. While crossing the campus one day, I noticed a flyer about an figure drawing class held every Saturday morning. I wrote the number down that was on the flyer having decided I would like to get back to drawing again. I called the number a sweet women's voice answered. I explained that I was interested in the class and had taken an art class before in which we had a nude model. Debbie, the class point of contact/women on the other end of the phone thanked me for my interest and gave me some details about the class. The class was actually not a class with instruction for enrolled university students. It was a "session" that the university provided a facility for but was filled by local artists within the community. Debbie was just a volunteer as proctor for the class. The one model, a girl named Veronica, was a student at the university. Hearing this, I mentioned that I was still interested in drawing for the session. At this, Debbie kinda changed her tone and began asking me about my age, weight, etc. I asked why? Debbie then explained that she was desperate for another model, preferably a male. Debbie than came out if I would at least consider posing nude for the next session that upcoming Saturday. I replied not with a definite no or yes, but mentioned that if she needed a model bad enough, I could at least bring my robe to the session as a "just in case".
Debbie said that would be ok and that she did have Veronica scheduled to model but did take up me on my having the robe on hand in case Veronica was a no show.

Saturday soon rolled around and I left early for the session. I had my large sketch pad and charcoal pencils. I decided that I would bring a robe in the unlikely event I would ever need it. Waiting for Debbie to arrive to open up the studio, I met a mother/daughter pair who were there to sketch as well. Debbie soon arrived and opened up the studio. We all went in to set up the easels and I introduced myself to Debbie. More people began to arrive, mostly female. About ten minutes before start time, Debbie came up to me asked if she could speak with me privately out in the hallway. I said ok and followed her out of the studio. Out in the hallway she said that she was in a jam because Veronica was not able to make that morning's session. She then asked me if I brought robe. I replied that I did. Hearing my answer, she than asked, "Will you pose for us...please... I need an answer before calling off the session". "Naked?", I asked. "Why yes, this is a figure drawing session with the model being nude. This shouldn't be a problem if you have taken a figure drawing class before." "Yeah..., but I wasn't really planning to do this today...... Let me give it a minute to think about". At this, I walked back into the studio thinking " all these people will see me butt assed naked if I pose, what should I do? Noticing an apparent strange look on my face, the mother/daughter pair asked what was wrong. I replied that we did not have female model today but that Debbie had asked me to pose. Almost in unison, they both said ".... Well...you said "yes" didn't you?" I was taken aback. Here within the last minute, three fairly attractive female strangers had asked me to pose nude. I thought for a second or two looking at the pretty daughter and noticing nodding her head, I said yes, I'll pose. At this the daughter let out a squill and said "Oh boy, we have a guy this time!"

I then went back to my car, got my robe and returned to the studio that was not a buzz learning that there were be new model and a guy. Debbie then showed me the changing room which nothing more than a broom closet, I undressed, put on my robe, and walked back into the studio. I mounted the model platform and waited for Debbie to begin the class. Looking at the mother:daughter pair, I could see a small gleam in their eyes. Debbie then introduced me saying that I " ..was a last minute change from Veronica and that I had been gracious in volunteering to pose so that the session would not be cancelled." At this, several of the ladies in the said "thank you" . Debbie then shut the studio door and turned back to me saying "We're ready". At this, I dropped my robe standing before a class of eight women and two men completely naked. I tried to look at the artists that were in front of me, the mother/daughter. Looking at them look at me, I could imagine them both thinking "Oh..that what he look's like in the nude". Debbie then broke the moment and asked "What kinda pose are you taking" I them responded by rattling off ten two minutes poses as a warm-up, followed by several ten minute poses then a break and then more ten minute poses followed by s long 30 minute pose at the end of the three hour session. Debbie said that that would be great. I then started into the warm-ups. Debbie kept the time but the time flew by. I was really getting into by the forth warm-up and tried to focus doing a good mix of poses. By the break. I had almost forgotten that I was naked and had actually worked up a sweat. At break, I donned the robe, listened to several of the artists saying that I was doing great, and then walked down the hallway to get a coke. I guzzled the coke. Returning back to class, I asked several of the artists if I could see their sketches of me. They did and I was impressed by how they drew and how I looked (better in the sketches than in real life I thought). Debbie and the mother/daughter pair were especially good.

I then returned to the stand, doffed off my robe, and finished the next hour and a half without incident,
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WONDERFUL story!! Thanks so very much for relaying this experience. Wish I could have such an experience.
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