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When I was in my 20s, I worked regularly as a figure drawing model, mostly for colleges and private drawing groups. I had some yoga training and could be steady in poses for a long time. I was also completely comfortable being nude and being watched while I was nude - artists have told me that this is actually the most important thing for a model. I did this for around 10 years, and then was too busy with career and family to continue. I do miss it sometimes - I felt a tremendous excitement when I removed my robe and stared posing. And I always loved looking at the drawings, paintings or sculptures that the artist created.

I am now looking back upon my experiences, and plan to write about many. I will start with the most unusual things that I did.

At one of the groups, one of the artists often asked me about doing a crucifixion pose. I assumed he was joking, but one day at break, he told me that he was very serious. I told him I would do it for much more than my usual fee. This was a long time ago - if I remember correctly, I usually got $10 an hour. So I asked for $100 an hour.

He asked me if he could have other artists there to share costs, and I said that sounded fine. We agreed to do a two hour session.

The session was to be held in his home. Although I was a graduate student, the town I lived in (Princeton) was very affluent. The artist (let's call him James) owned a house in a very wealthy part of Princeton. When I arrived, he took me to his studio. It was a large room with lots of natural light with a hard wood floor. Many of his paintings and drawings (a few of me) were on the walls - some still in progress. In the center there was a wooden crucifix laying on the ground.

There were six artists already in the room - two women and four other men. They were at easels in front of the crucifix. The crucifix was attached via chains to the ceiling so it could be raised high. I had posed before all of these people before, and said Hi to them. They were strangely distant and didn't say anything back to me.

I went into the corner of the room, and took off my clothes. I didn't bring a robe, as he had suggested to me previously that he would prefer it if I remained nude during breaks. James had told me that he and the other artists would like to do additional drawings of me when I was resting from the strain of being on the cross. After I took off my clothes, James walked over to me. Since what I was to do was extremely demanding, we needed to discuss how long I was to hold my pose. We agreed that I would do 15 minutes on and 10 minutes off, and then see how it went.

I walked to the center of the room where the crucifix had been placed. There were ropes attached to the arms of the cross, and ropes to attach my legs to the body of the cross (sorry, I don't know the technical names of these). I was expecting ropes of course, but what I then saw surprised me, There was a ***** that was connected and at a slight angle to the cross body. James told me that was the ***** was called a cornu. He said I would be much more comfortable if the ***** was inserted into my anus when I was up on the cross since I would have a little more support for my body. It was up to me if I wanted to use it - but every model they had ever hired ultimately needed it. I decided I would avoid using the cornu. The ***** was about a foot long, quite thick and I had never had anything inserted into me before. But just in case, I could see that the ***** had been well-lubricated.

I laid down on top of the crucifix. I hung my arms over the arms and James attached them with the ropes at the wrists. He told me to bend my knees and James attached my ankles to the sides of the cross. He then raised the crucifix. I was about three feet off the ground. When the crucifix was fully raised, James told me that it was not important (and in fact impossible) for me to be still as I normally would be when posing. He told me that what I was doing was tremendously valuable to the group, and just being up there was enough for them to work with.

What was I feeling? Because my feet were behind my torso and my knees were bent, my genitals were thrust forward and were very prominent. My genitals were basically at eye level to the artists. This was embarrassing to me. I could feel the tip of the ***** against my anus, and I lifted myself up a bit. But that didn't last, and I came down again. I could feel the tip of the ***** penetrate me. As James had said it was impossible to stay still. I needed to keep changing where it hurt. So I would rise up, and then drop down. Each time I dropped down, I could feel more of the ***** inside me. At first, there was quite a bit of resistance, but eventually I completely opened up. When this happened, I could feel my butt against the cross itself - so I knew it was all inside me. So I went up and down, up and down. Basically, I was ******* myself in front of these artists.

A married couple who had drawn me many times then came into the room. They usually arrived late to drawing groups, and this was no different. They told James they were so surprised to see me up there, since I was always so professional and never did anything erotic. But there I was, ******* myself on a ***** while up on a crucifix! They told James they were happy to see me like this! Maybe it was what they said, maybe it was just the movement of the ***** against my prostate; but I started to get aroused.

I always took pride in being a professional model, and I never got erections in class. But this was beyond my control. To further add to my humiliation, I ********** explosively a few more minutes later. My ***** landed on the floor and on my legs. Even after the ***********, I stayed hard.

I was in great shape back then, and only weighed 140 pounds. It actually wasn't as bad as I expected. After the fifteen minutes were up, the members of the group made me an offer. If I would stay on the cross for 30 minutes before my break, they would double my pay. Since I felt OK, I said yes.

A few minutes later, I ********** again. This time, my erection subsided. The time passed, I did my up and down dance, and eventually the cross was lowered. I was untied and I lifted myself off the *****. James gave me a towel to wipe the ***** off me and off the floor. There was no way I could do anything other than just go into fetal position and rest. The artists then moved around me and started some sketches. Some were in front of me and some behind me. Afterwards, they showed me their drawing.

More humiliation. Since the ***** had been in me for so long, my anus was gaping wide open and there was lube leaking out. I didn’t realize this until I saw the sketches (though in all fairness, they may have exaggerated the opening). It looked like I was ready to be ******!

After 15 minutes of rest, I lay down on the cross, was tied into position, and was raised up high again. As soon as I was up, I found the tip of the ***** with my anus and slid down.

Once again, I got an erection and **********. One again, ***** dripped down me, but less this time.

Because I was so tired during break, I forgot to pee! And now I really needed to. I held it in for as long as I could, but then lost control and peed all over the hardwood floor, though some went on me also. The time passed, and my arms were getting very tired. My erection came and went, and I ********** one more time. This time, I actually was up there for a full hour. They deliberately send the timer for 60 minutes, not 30 this time.

When the brought me down and untied me, I could only lay on the ground. I realized in a couple of minutes that I was actually lying in my pee. But I couldn't do anything about that yet.

While I was lying there, James brought me four hundred dollar bills in a jar. All the other artists then came around me and told me how wonderful I had been. They each put more money in the jar for me, as a tip. I made myself move eventually, got my clothes on, and left. When I saw these artists again, they were always so welcoming to me and so pleased to see me. I knew that I had given them something rather special.