Last year, I teaching a class on geology when I was asked by an artist friend if I would be willing to pose for her informal class at her home. Since she was a friend, I agreed. I arrived at her house slightly before class so we could talk before the students arrived. I was wearing a flannel shirt, jeans and Sandles.
There were six students in all one guy and five women. The artist told me it was the first night and the students had never been with a nude model before. I sat around with the rest of the students in the art studio while the artist explained the class. There was one sixteen year old girl there. The artist called her mom on the phone and explained that the class would have a nude male model. The mom said it was alright. The family were nudists and the young lady had seen it all.
When the artist indicated we could begin, I stood up and began to undress. The students laughed about me sitting and talking with them, being the model. One of the women was drinking wine throughout the three hour session and was quite drunk by the time the session ended. The young girls mom called and asked if someone could drive her daughter home.
I volunteered to drive home the girl and the older drunk woman. When I pulled up to the woman's house she asked us to escort her to her door. The girl and I agreed since the woman was drunk.. We helped her inside and decided to make her some coffee. While we sat in her living room she said she was fascinated by anyone who could undress in front of others and not be embarrassed. I told her it was easy if you had no problem being nude. The young girl agreed. The woman said she wanted to try it someday but didn't have the nerve. The girl said since we were in the woman's home she should try it now.
The young girl told me to show how it was done as she took my arms and stood me up. She started taking her clothes off and told me to do the same. I got naked with her, and as we stood nude in front of the woman, the girl told her it was her turn to get naked. To my surprise the woman hesitated at first then ******** naked to join us. After about an hour of the three of us sitting around in the buff, I finally told the girl I had to get her home. She and I dressed and left the woman sitting naked in her living room. She thanked us and hoped to see us again at the next lesson. When I drove the girl home, her mom met us at the door in the nude. They asked me in and immediately the girl and I got undressed. The nudist family was a pleasure to be with. I got to see them again the following week when I modeled again
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Man! You are one fortunate dude. I've posed nude many, many times, but never been nearly that lucky. Anything fun like that happen the next week?