Beautiful Bodies...

I enjoy being a nudist...  I go to couple of campgrounds... It took me a long time to realized that it is not wrong but the beauty of God has given us.  I love the way the sun covers my body when i am sunning....I enjoy swimming it feel more sensual as the water flows up my skin..  I love the way people are not afraid to show their sexuality...  I make it a habit to be there at least twice a month...  If I could I would live there...  I enjoy their parties and soon will be going to my first nudestock in August and so looking forward to it.... 
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A nice story, and very well expressed!

Awesome, yeah , it is hanging out with nudist friends, love it and am at the beach when I am able to be. Even if it is not sunny out and sometimes enjoy being naked at the beach when it is raining :)

i am in va beach, but have visited paradise lakes, and lake como all down in the tampa area;. would love to move to that area.

I have only heard about it. Angel, it takes guts to be open and say that. Natural is best..

thats sounds like my camp ground... LOL... for we do the same every fridays and saturdays... we even have karaoke nights... and its so much more fun to party naked... I do enjoy my favorite hang out...LOL

Yes, it is lots of fun and just love it for I am always going to some kind of party just went to nudestock and it was great to see so many people just enjoying the scene...

My wife and I will be at Haulover in Miami Labor Day week. We enjoy the freedom and lack of social BS nudity brings. Counting down the days.

and clothes to hide behind

There are no more honest people than nudist there is nothing to hide

Thats why I like being nude for we are not made perfect and we all have our scars and imperfect underneath. There is no way with clothing on you would realize that we are all normal and look the same but just different special bodies that make us who we are...

Angela, enjoy. Should be a fun time. Besides, any time nude is fun, especially when you are with others of a like mind.

such the web... and nudestock is in california,... Its a huge event and they probably have 4 a year... Its all about enjoying life to its fullest...

Would love to hear where to find such campgrounds and information on nudestock.