Not The Only One

Back many many years ago before my family moved we lived in up state New York. I enjoyed running around the woods with my friends. One day the six of us were just fooling around in the woods and I decided to try something. I had come to enjoy the joy of being nude at home when no one was their. I went behind a large tree and ******** naked.I then walked out for the others to see. Soon all of us were enjoying the afternoon nude. In my family I praticed nudity. My parents were not the kind to even think about it. One of the guys that was enjoying the time nude in the woods had invited me over to his house to spend the weekend. After the moms did the mom thing of was it alright and all that, I was on my way over. I walked through the garage and knocked on the door. My friend opened the door. He was standing their nude with his hair wet. So I just thought he had come up from the shower in the basement. Besides we had seen each other naked lots of time. As I walked through his house I went through the kitchen and into the living room before heading up stairs to drop my stuff. That is when I saw his mom and older sister sitting on the couch both naked as my friend was. I did my best not to stare and muttered something. I was thinking. What do you say to a naked women? We went upstairs and he began telling me all of his family were nudist. That is why he wanted to invite me over. He knew I could not enjoy the lifestyle at my house and thought I would be O.K. with it. Heck yes. I ******** off all my clothes and went down stairs. It felt kind of weird at first being in front of naked females in the nude. But everyone assured me it was fine. By this time his dad had joined us to as we were helping setting dinner I got an erection watching his mom and sister. His mom told me not to worry all guys get them. I was hooked for good and have enjoyed the nudist lifestyle since then. I was shown first hand I was NOT the only one doing it. No one ever said a thing to my folks about it. But my mom always wondered why I always came home with my extra clothing as neat as when I left. Never did tell her it is because we did not wear any. A few years later my family moved. I lost contact with my friend but I have thanked him and his family for helping me come to enjoy the nudist lifestyle, something I still pratice and promote today.
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2 Responses Jan 1, 2011

Wonderful way to be introduced into the lifestyle...You'll never regret it...alway nude whenever possible, warm enough and especially safe enough....I'm sure you have a greater apprecialtion for others and especially women because of it...It was nice how his mom let you get away with an erection as well...we all get 'em, but usually it is equated with 'sex.' As long as you're not rude, women usually don't mind, besides they like looking at us as much as we do them...Stay naked but stay safe!

What an outstanding experience. I wish I had been so lucky as a kid.