Ok. I'll address the point. Part of being a nudist is the shear joy of feeling things on your skin. Standing naked on a hill in a breeze is a very sensual experience for both genders. Swimming should only be done naked because it feels so much better than swimming in anything.

But, there is another part. Even ugly as I am, I enjoy being seen nude. I enjoy being with other people who enjoy being seen nude. There is no hiding. But, I've learned that everyone looks better nude. I've also learned that people open up and relax once you can see their genitals and they yours.
HStoner HStoner
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1 Response Feb 2, 2014

Talking about feeling things on your skin . . . I love the touching and hugging I get and give here at y house the natural feelings encourage us to take advantage of the nude lifestyle to massage and caress one another for the sheer pleasure it brings to both giver and receiver.