Caught On Camera

The young man's name was Aaron Olson. He was a high school senior and he lived with his mom and his grandfather. His dad had died when he was two. His mom worked full time in his grandfather's camera shop, and he worked there part-time. Aaron, his mother and grandfather all lived in her childhood home.

The Bardoorian sisters occupied the house across the alley behind them. Like his mom, they also grew up in the same house they were living in now. Lisa, the older of the two women is in her early forties. Lisa is a lawyer, and was recently elected District Judge. Marie, the other sister is a little bit younger and is a Librarian at the public library. Both women are single and neither has ever been married. The two sisters and Aaron's mom have been best friends forever.

Aaron walked through Bardoorian's yard as a short cut to get to school. This night he was on his way to a basketball game where he was planning on taking pictures of the girls on the schools cheerleading squad. His camera was loaded with 1600-speed film and he was thinking about lens openings and shutter speed when a movement in the house caught his eye.

Leaning back in an overstuffed chair with her feet up on an ottoman was the Judge. Lisa can best be described as diminutive. She is small in stature with a rich flowing mane of wavy jet-black hair. Her dark eyes with their heavy lids were closed and her bushy eyebrows were scrunched together and she was biting at her lower lip. She was wearing a gray sweatshirt and black sweat pants. She had her feet together with the pants pushed down around her ankles, but her knees were a mile apart. The Judge had her hands stuffed down through the top of stretched out white panties and was furiously rubbing her crotch. Aaron could hardly believe what he was seeing and without even thinking about it, he brought the camera to his eye and started snapping off pictures. After a couple of quick shots, he slowed down and focused in on the spot where her hands were working away and then on her face. She would alter between biting at her lower lip and letting just the tip of her tongue slip between her full lush ruby red lips. With her head tilted back and her eyes closed, she looked like she was in seventh heaven. As he watched she arched her back and simultaneously cupped her ***** with both hands before stretching out her legs and relaxing back into the chair. She sat still for a few moments then she took her right hand out of her panties and sniffed at her fingers before licking them. A short time later she pulled up her pants and sat up.

It was at this point that Aaron realized the possibility that he could be seen by anyone passing by, and with a camera in his hands he could be found guilty of being a peeping tom. He hurried off down the driveway and went on to the school. His straining and throbbing **** demanded attention, so he headed straight for the john and beat off before going to the game.

At the gym Aaron sat with six or seven friends fairly high in the bleachers. He was able to get several shots off when one of the cheerleaders would be thrown high and spread her legs really wide right in front of them. He moved down to floor level and took several photos of the girls in various pyramid type formations as well as individual shots. After the game he had to promise is friends he'd bring the developed pictures to school on Monday if they were any good.

Aaron's grandfather had gone to Florida for a couple of months, and he and his mom were alone in the shop the next morning, which was Saturday. When she went out for lunch he got the films developed, but didn't have a chance to examine them closely and only got a cursory look before stuffing them away in a jacket pocket. He sure didn't want his mom to see what kind of pictures he was taking.

After dinner that night he finally got a chance to be alone in his room and was examining the pictures and beating off to one of Judge Lisa when his mother scared the **** out of him by knocking on his bedroom door. "Lisa and Marie are coming over in a couple of minutes to play bridge. It would be sweet of you to join us for a little while." His mom said.

At that very moment Aaron was looking at a picture of Lisa Bardoorian sucking ***** juice off her fingers and his mom is asking him to go down and play bridge with this woman. He had always thought that Lisa, and Marie for that matter, were attractive women. The dark Armenian eyes, hair and skin color make both women quite attractive. He'd *********** many times thinking about them, but now...NOW HE WAS IN FULL ALERT HARDON LUST FOR LISA.

"OK mom." He shouted while he continued to ********** to the photo of Lisa that made her look like a very sexually satisfied woman. "When they get here let me know and I'll come down."

The four played bridge for almost three hours. He tried as hard as he could to be the dummy and let his mom, who was his partner, play the hands. This gave him lots of time to examine Lisa without being too obvious. Aaron also looked a little closer at Marie and his mom. He thought all three women were good-looking and couldn't understand why none of them were married. His mom hardly ever dated anyone. But she had married his dad, so she probably wasn't a lesbian, but maybe the other two were he thought.

Near the end of the evening his mom and Marie went out into the kitchen leaving Lisa and Aaron alone. She was always lecturing Marie and his mom about helping teenagers learn the meaning of life, so He figured he'd try something with her. "Lisa..." Aaron started and fumbled a little bit. "I've got a ethical or maybe it's a moral problem, and I'm wondering if you would have any time to talk with me about it?"

"Sure Aaron, anytime. Is it something you want to talk to me in private about?" She asked.

"Yes. Could you meet me tomorrow afternoon? We could meet in my grandfather's 'pout house'." His grandfather had fixed up a den in the garage so that he could get away from Aaron when he was a little kid. Now the two used it as a TV room. Sally, Aaron's mother never went in it to the best of his knowledge.

"Sure," she said. "I'll meet you there at about two tomorrow afternoon."

He was ready for the Judge well before two. He had three pictures of the cheerleaders stacked on a coffee table, and the one of Lisa sucking her fingers, tucked away in the back of a drawer. After Lisa arrived and they engaged in a little small talk he hit her with his alleged problem. "I took pictures of the cheerleading squad at the game last Friday, and when I developed the pictures I found that I had a lot more than I bargained for. I admit that I was trying to get a few up skirt panty shots for my friends to see, but I'm not sure I should show these pictures to anyone. Would you tell me what to do?"

The 1st picture showed a girl suspended in the air with her legs wide apart. The focus was so great that you could see the stitching on the edging of the leg holes of her panties. The dark green panties had pulled up tight into her *** crack and you could make out the camel toe shape of her *****. The 2nd picture showed a pyramid shot with one girls hand pushed up in the *** crack of the girl she was holding up, and the 3rd one had this very same girl with her hands squeezing the **** of her teammate that she had just caught after some routine.

"Well, Aaron, I see two or three different things that you can do. First you could just burn the pictures and try to forget that you even took them. I know that would be hard for a horny teenage boy but that would be one choice. Another would be to give the pictures to the girl that seems to be the aggressor in a couple of these shots and let her know that others, especially you, know that she has been caught in her inappropriate behavior. And you could take the one of the girl that has her crotch on display and ask her for a private session with you. I wouldn't recommend that you blackmail her, but maybe you could get lucky and she'll trade you an up front live view of her private parts in exchange for the picture you have." She said this with a crazy little grin on her face before she added; "Morals are something you have to decide for yourself. You have to live with the consequences, therefore only you can make the right decision." Lisa stated this with authority and a very serious look on her face.

"I like number three." He said.

"I figured you would she laughed. "Be prepared however, she may be really upset at you and come out swinging or suing. Make sure nobody overhears you making your proposition. OK? You need to keep that in mind because it is illegal, if not immoral, to take pictures of nude or semi nude people without their consent."

"I still like number three a lot, Lisa, but I have one more picture to show you." And he went over to the drawer and removed the picture and handed it to her.

The picture showed Lisa with her pants down around her ankles and her panties pushed down far enough so that her dark curly pubic hair spilled out the top. She had one hand up underneath her sweatshirt that was clearly holding onto her *** and the other hand was at her mouth with her lips wrapped around her middle finger. There was a bead of sweat on her upper lip, and her half lidded eyes conveyed a portrait of a wanton sex vixen that looked like she had just finger ****** herself.

"Oh my in hell did you ever get this photo?"

"On my way to the game last Friday I spotted you through the window. Would you be interested in trading me something for the picture?" He asked.

"You little ****...I ought to ring your neck!" Lisa shouted as she tore the photo up into little pieces and flung them at the grinning young man.

"Would you be interested in trading for the negative?" He said smirking. "How about you let me examine your nude body for thirty minutes and I'll destroy the negative. I would like to look at you, touch you and watch you ********** at the same time I do. That sound like a fair trade to you?"

"And if I say no?"

"Well, I hope you won't say no. I know absolutely nothing about females. I ********** and dream, but I have never experienced the real thing. You're about as real as anything I could ever conjure up. Please. I hope you agree without getting too pissed at me. Please?"

Lisa just stood and looked at Aaron for the longest time before she spoke "OK, go over and lock the door and take your ****** out and sit on that chair. We'll do it right now, and if you don't destroy that negative, I'll hang you from a lamp post by your balls." Lisa said, figuring that if she didn't do it right this second, she would chicken out. If the public ever saw a picture of her like that she could kiss her Judgeship goodbye. Besides she found it kind of sexy that this young handsome boy found her attractive enough to blackmail her into sex. Lisa was still wearing the clothes she had worn to church services that morning, and when she slowly loosened the buttons down the front of her blue and white dress she watched young Aaron intently. When the dress dropped to the floor she stood in front of the young man wearing only pearl earrings, a matched pearl necklace, and a light blue nylon bra with lace edging. Below the waist she had on a dark blue half-slip that covered her panty hose and a pair of light blue panties that matched her bra. Navy shoes with mid sized heals completed her outfit.

Lisa stepped out of the shoes and reaching up underneath the half-slip she pulled her panty hose down her legs. She bent forward with her hand on the arm of Aaron's chair while standing first on one leg then the other she removed the garment. Aaron had started slowly beating off when Lisa had unbuttoned the first button, now he had to force himself to slow down and not get carried away. The pear shaped dangling breasts, barely held by a lacy bra, were only inches from his face. He watched mesmerized as Lisa bent at the waist removing her stockings. He almost lost it when she pushed the half-slip down and stood erect with her feet close together.

The light colored panties she wore seemed to accentuate the shape and richness of her pubic hair while doing nothing to conceal it. Nipples the size of acorns pushed out from inside the thin bra that was stretched when she reached back to release the hooks. Lisa could feel her nipples harden and the juices start flowing as she removed her clothes in front of young Aaron. She was getting turned on knowing that the pulsating inflamed **** being manhandled in front of her was going to explode in a matter of seconds. She felt proud that her forty-year-old body was still attractive to this young stud. With the bra unhooked it hung loosely from her chest and she let the straps fall down her arms and drop to the floor at her feet. Bending caused her unbridled breasts to sway slightly as she pushed her panties down over her *** and to her knees where they subsequently fell of their own accord to a puddle at her feet with the rest of her things. Standing tall she pushed her chest out proudly and smiled.

Aaron was squeezing his **** as hard as he could trying to prevent himself from coming, but as Lisa leaned forward, presenting her engorged nipples to him he erupted with such force that his first shot landed on the floor between where he sat and the Judge stood. The second and third shot went even further and landed on her panties at her feet. He just stared at the beautiful woman wearing only a pearl necklace and earrings as he milked out the remaining ***** and let it dribbled off the end of his ****.

"Wipe yourself off with these." Lisa told Aaron as she handed him her soiled panties. She kept her eyes locked to his as she bent down and retrieved her brassiere from the floor. Hooking the bra in back she thrust out her hairy mound toward the young man aware that her **** had harden and had extended itself within the thick forest surrounding her *****. She could actually feel her juices trickling down the inside of her thigh.

"You're not going are you?" Aaron cried. "Our agreement was that I could touch you as well."

"Tough ****! That's it we're not doing anything else. Destroy the negative or your *** is grass. Get it? In fact, I think you should get the negative now. I'll wait three minutes for you to get it. Move ******* it now!"

When the young man left it didn't take but a few seconds of finger manipulation for Lisa to give herself a self satisfying little ****** before she finished dressing. When Aaron handed the negative over, Lisa let her stern scowl turn into a light smile and she pulled his head down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Thank you. Now let's both forget that this afternoon ever happened. Maybe next Saturday you can be my bridge partner instead of your mothers." And with that she left.

Lisa Bardoorian had a grin on her face from ear to ear and kept forcing herself not to cry out loud until she got inside her own home. Once inside the door she could no longer hold her joy and excitement inside and almost collapsed because she was laughing so hard. Rushing up the stairs she literally leaped onto the bed her sister Marie was napping on. "Oh my God...Oh my God!!! You'll never in a million years guess what I just did. Oh my God!!! I don't believe it...Oh my God!!!"

"Slow down Lisa, for Christ's sake. What happened?"

"I took all my clothes off and stood absolutely stark naked in front of young Aaron Olson while he jerked off. I don't believe I did that. Oh my God!"

"You did what!" Marie exclaimed as she got caught up in the enthusiasm generated by her sister.

"Well it's kind of complicated, but last Friday I was feeling horny and had my hands in my pants rubbing my ***** and Aaron spotted me through the window. He had a camera and took a picture of me. I looked like a wanton hussy ****. You know kind of like you always look." Lisa laughed. "Anyway, he blackmailed me into stripping for him in exchange for the picture."

"You should have him arrested." Marie said.

"No, he was so cute and he's so innocent that it's unbelievable. I don't think he had ever seen a woman naked before. Besides you wouldn't believe how horny it made me. He left me alone while he ran and got the negative, and it took me about ten seconds to reach an ******. My juices were running down my legs I was so excited."

"So now I suppose you're interested in **** again?" Marie asked.

"No...I don't think so, but his **** was so cute. It was fairly long, but thin and it did look like it might taste good. Maybe I should call him up and we could both take him on."

"Lisa! Remember you went all through school with his mother. You're the exact same age. Now me...I'm a lot younger than you are, so maybe you should call him up just for me."

"Bull ****. You're only two years younger, and you're way old enough to be his mother. And anyway, I don't want to be his mother; I just want to mother him a little bit. Do you think Sally does him?" Lisa said as the two sisters laughed and hugged one another. Marie slid her hand up the back of Lisa's thigh until she reached her older sisters bare butt. She could feel the wetness in the *** crack and she knew that Lisa was still turned on and looking for sexual gratification.

"I can tell you had a good time because you're wetter than a toilet bowl, but another thing, I wonder if you know what you did with your panties?"

"Oh my God! I not only left my panties but my pantyhose as well in Sally's dad's 'pout house'. Maybe I should go and get them. What do you think?"

"I think you're crazy, is what I think. I also think you should slide over to the edge of the bed and let me help you take the edge off that nervous energy you picked up screwing around with young Aaron's mind. Would you like me to use a vibrator in that horny gash of yours?"

" know I bet I could get my hand all the way around Aaron's ****. It was just about the same size as this little gadget you're using on me, except the head wasn't pointed, but round and looked like silk."

Marie slid the long slim vibrator with its "C" cell batteries all the way in her sisters slick wet tunnel and turned it on full force. Then leaning forward she sucked and played with the shinny erect **** as she held the short curly hairs away from Lisa's heated up vulva. After helping her older sister reach the peak of sexual satisfaction Marie backed off just a little, but as Lisa pulled her head tight into her crotch she sucked as hard as she could until Lisa gently pushed her away. The two sisters drifted off into a light sleep nestled in the arms of each other.

As Aaron stood in the doorway and watched Lisa walk across the alley toward her own home he felt some conflicting emotions. On the one hand he had viewed his first fully naked woman and she had even kissed him. On the other hand, the ***** had reneged on their agreement. He was supposed to get to touch her, and watch her **********, and he didn't get to do either of those. Still on the third hand he had twenty-three more pictures of Lisa, and maybe he could leverage another session where she would do what he wanted her to do. Maybe if he played his cards right he'd even get to **** the sneaky little *****. When she went into her own house Aaron grabbed the cheerleader pictures, shut the door to the garage and went into the house and up to his own room. Going through the pictures of Lisa he found two that really were really explicit. Both showed her face at the height of sexual gratification, and both showed enough of her crotch so that you could tell that she had been pleasing herself.

Looking at the cheerleaders pictures once again, he tried to develop a strategy in his mind that would work so that he could get both Tammy White maybe to show him her ******, and Christina Nelson to let him feel her up the same way she felt up her fellow cheerleaders. He stroked his **** and thought on these matters until his mother called him for dinner. After helping his mother with the dishes the two played a couple games of Scrabble before Aaron went off to his room to finish up his homework. Sally decided to tidy up the house before the cleaning lady showed up Monday morning. Getting someone to come in once a week was a real luxury, but She liked to get the clutter picked up before the lady came. After blitzing the house she went out to the TV room in the garage. What looked like scraps of a torn up photograph were strewn across the floor, and when Sally bent down to pick them up she found a rumpled up pair of woman's panty hose. Then in the corner of a chair, she spotted the wadded up women's panties.

When Aaron returned home after dropping off Emily and Christina, he was surprised to find his mom home and packing up a suitcase.

"Aaron, honey, I got a call at the store that my dad is in the hospital in Jacksonville. I've made arrangements for us both to fly down there. We have to leave within the hour. OK?"

"Sure mom. How many days should I pack for?"

"Just for a couple. If we need to stay longer I'll still need to come back right away to take care of things at the store, so we'll come back on Thursday. Then if necessary, I can close up the store for awhile and go back down."

It was well after midnight when Aaron and his mom finally checked into a Jacksonville motel. Aaron's grandfather had suffered a mild stroke, but everything now seemed to be under control.

"Honey, I'm all tense from worrying about your grandfather. Why don't you use the bathroom first? I want to take a long hot bath before I go to bed. That OK with you?"

"Sure mom." Aaron said.

It was almost an hour before Sally finished her bath, and she figured that Aaron would be asleep now, so she just wrapped a towel around her middle and waltzed into the room looking for her nightgown. Aaron, however, was sitting up in bed and watching television. He had found a bottle of body lotion in his mom's suitcase while he was looking for some toothpaste and had now formulated a plan to seduce his mother.

"Mom, come on and lie down on the bed and I'll put some lotion on your back." Half asleep and still a little groggy from her long bath, Sally did as Aaron asked. She knew that the sexual aspect of their relationship had been changed dramatically the other night, but she thought that she could keep every thing under control. With Aaron softly massaging her neck and shoulders, Sally was soon completely relaxed and more than slightly sexually stimulated. When her eighteen-year-old son moved down and started kneeing her buttocks, she let her legs relax and fall open so that his hands could traverse down and manipulate her vulva. As her juices flowed within her *****, she arched her *** up into his sexy fingers. And as his hot hands and fingers moved over her thighs, she spread her legs further apart and pushed her *** higher by bringing her knees up closer to her chest.

Aaron by now had slipped his shorts down and was kneeling behind his mother and running his hands from her flared hips to her dangling breasts. His **** was riding between her *** cheeks and when he let it fall just a little lower he easily slid into the moist tunnel from which he was born.

Aware that she had been penetrated, Sally was beyond the point of resistance. She made a conscious decision to give her son the ride of his young life. Aaron's long thin **** slid slowly up her wet slick tunnel until the fat folds of her ***** lips pushed flat the pubic hair surrounding Aaron's ****. Sally could feel the head of his ***** pushing at the opening of her uterus, and felt filled like never before. As the tempo of his thrusting increased, the flapping of his balls and the pulling on her ***** lips caused her engorged **** to emerge from within its folds.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!!!" Sally cried as the sensations caused by the manipulations within her ***** pushed her over the brink of sexual ecstasy.

The tight clamping of his mother's ***** caused Aaron to unload a lifetime of stored up lust knowing that he'd just ********** away his virginity. Both mother and son easily drifted off to into a well-deserved sleep without even bothering to turn out the motel room lights.

"Last night was perfect Aaron. The only problem is that you've now ruined me for anyone else." Sally said taking her son's hand across the breakfast table. "I'd forgotten how much I really enjoy sex. You're a very compassionate love maker. Thank you very much."

"I love you a lot mom. I'm glad my first time was with you. I hope you'll continue to be my lover as well as my mother."

"We'll see." Sally said with a little chuckle. "By the way, I called Mr. Balance, and he is going to open up the store today and tomorrow, and is willing to work there on Friday as well. If you fly home today, you can go to school tomorrow and run the store by yourself on Saturday. I'll come home Sunday. This will give me a chance to see if dad wants to come back home. Do you think you can get along by yourself until Sunday night?"

"Sure mom, no problem. I just hope gramps will be all right."

On the plane ride home Aaron was horny as hell and had a perpetual hard-on. He remembered how fantastic his **** felt engulfed in the hot wet ***** of his mother. He visualized the thick dark hair between the legs of Lisa Bardoorian and dreamed of ******* her as well. He was still pissed at Lisa for reneging on their deal. He should have been allowed to feel her body as well as just look at it.

Later that evening, and armed with another revealing photo of Lisa ************, Aaron headed across the alley and knocked on her front door. When Marie opened the door, Aaron stumbled over his words as his planned speech went out the window.

"Come on in Aaron." Marie said stepping back and holding the door open.

"I...I was looking for Lisa." Aaron said. "Is she home?"

"No, but come on in anyway. I talked with your mom just a little bit ago. I'm glad your grandfather is OK. Sally said she'd be home Sunday, so if you need anything, I'm here to help you. Come on in and sit for a spell. Lisa won't be home until late this evening."

"Damn...I was planning on seeing her, but I guess it'll just have to wait."

"You weren't planning on blackmailing her with another picture were you? Lisa told me she bought and paid for not only the picture, but the negative as well." Sally said while suppressing a giggle, but unable to stop grinning.

"She told you about that?" Aaron said in disbelief.

"Sure, but my guess is that you took more than just one picture, and I'll willing to bet my own panties you're going to try to collect again. Am I right?"

"Well...yah, but she cheated. Our agreement was that she not only let me look at her, but I was supposed to get to touch her as well." Aaron blurted.

"All for one lousy picture? How many did you take by the way? Maybe I'd be willing to buy one or two." Marie laughed.

"I took a whole roll. Wait, what do you mean you'd buy a picture?" Aaron asked just slightly confused.

"Well, if you'll give me the rest of the pictures, I'll stand still while you take all my clothes off. And you can feel my body as much as you like. In fact, I'll even throw in a *******. How's that for a deal?" Marie said wondering if she could really go through with it if Aaron agreed. Aaron went though an instant debate with himself. He knew the old adage 'a bird in hand is worth two in the bush', and Marie was certainly just as good-looking as her older sister. Also if he could get his hands on her body, maybe he could convince Marie to **** him. Besides a ******* is a *******, and the thought of getting his first ******* won out.

"OK, you've got a deal, but you'll have to trust me for the rest of the pictures. Should we do it right here?" Aaron asked.

"No, lets go upstairs, another little thing, I can't do it with all the lights on. Would it be OK if I maybe lit a couple of candles?"

"I don't have a problem with that." Aaron said as he followed her up the stairs. Just watching her *** move under her skirt was causing his **** to strain against the zipper of his pants. Once in the room with the candles lit, Marie walked up to Aaron and put her arms around his neck.

"Let's start off with a kiss." Marie whispered as she locked lips with the young man and forced her tongue into his mouth. It didn't take long for Aaron to join in the action and let his arms hold the willing beauty close against his groin as his hands grouped her firm rounded derriere.

"Just go slow Aaron, please. Even though I'm old enough to be your mother, I still haven't had very much experience with boys or men. I mean I've never...well, you know what I mean. Just go slow, but let me hold your ****, OK?" Marie asked while pulling just a little away from Aaron and tugging on his belt and zipper.

"Lisa was right." Marie laughed. "She said you had a beautiful long slim ****. What she didn't tell me was how hard it was yet how soft it felt. I think that I prefer circumcised *****, the crown is so smooth, I want to suck on it right now."

"Oh God...let me get your clothes off first." Sighed Aaron as he pushed the straps of her halter type dress off her shoulders. When Marie reached back and pulled the zipper down to her waist the dress fell to her hips. Aaron gripped the bottom of her turtleneck shirt and pulled it over her head before he started fumbling with the hooks at the back of her brassiere. When the undergarment fell free of her breasts the eighteen-year-old boy could only stare in awe and admiration. In less than a week's time Aaron had viewed the naked breasts of both the Bardoorian sisters as well as his own mother. Plus he had seen the boobs of two girls from school, Christina and Emily. Of all the **** he'd gawked at, Marie was the one that had **** that could be called perfect. Now he was getting the opportunity to fondle and caress those **** that could be the main exhibit in any of the adult magazines he'd ever looked at.

Hard dark nipples incased within crinkly areolas protruded from the firm mounds that were placed high on her chest. The **** themselves were shaped like expensive wine goblets and as Marie stood still goose bumps popped out over the surface of her **** before a flush of blush covered her entire upper chest.

Aaron unbuckled his pants and pushed them and his briefs down around his ankles as he stood before this dark Armenian beauty and then gently tugged her plain white cotton panties down to her knees. The thick dark curly pubic hair covering Maria's crotch was the same texture and consistency as that of her sister, and without conscious thought the back of Aaron's hand brushed back and forth against this long coarse hair. The action resulted in Marie's ***** exuding excess lubrication that showed on her labia and a delicious odor that drifted up through Aaron's nostrils to his brain. Dripping pre-***, Aaron wanted to kneel and taste the nectar that smelled so delicious but Marie held him up as she stepped out of her panties.

Keeling in front of her cute eighteen-year-old neighbor she licked the juice from the end of his engorged **** before engulfing the entire knob of his rock hard penis between her eager wet lips. It had been twenty years since the night of her Senior Prom and the last time she had encountered a penis, but she hadn't forgotten how to suck. Only a matter of seconds elapsed before she was able to suck stream after stream of hot gooey ***** from the long slim rod of young Aaron Olson.

When the **** in her mouth started to soften, Marie stood and felt Aaron's hands on her legs behind her knees. As his hands slid up the backs of her thighs toward her buttocks, her hairy mound was pulled towards the young man's face and she felt his hot breath blow through her silken nest into the slit of her dripping *****. Aaron was feeling ecstatic as he felt the tingle of Maria's pubic-hair brush against his lips and nose and he was in a state of near euphoria from her delicious fragrance. Feeling the firmness of the twin globes of her *** was like a dream come true for the young eighteen-year-old, and the multiple sensations stimulating his brain cause his erection to return in all its glory.

He stood and maneuvered Marie towards the bed, and when she sat on the edge he knelt before what he considered beauty personified and began to worship at the alter of hedonism. He licked, suckled, nibbled and gummed her entire vulva before plucking the hood over her clitoris between his lips and worked it around and around and around. Maria was in heaven. This young God was a natural at sucking *****. She wrapped her thighs tight against his ears and with her ankles crossed she started shaking as ****** after ****** pulsed through her body. When she finally caught her breath, she urged Aaron up on the bed and when he embraced her in his arms they exchanged a deep soul-shattering kiss.

"Boy! You sure know how to touch a girl." Maria sighed before giggling. "I haven't ever been touched like that in my entire life. Did I earn the rest of your pictures and negatives?"

"Almost..." Aaron responded. "There's one other spot on, or more accurately in your body, that I want to touch with one part of mine."

"That wouldn't be the part that you've been sucking and licking all around would it? And I suppose the part you want to touch it with is this beautiful erotic phallus you have between your legs." Marie laughed.

"You Librarians know everything don't you?" Aaron said smiling as he rolled over on top of his sexy next-door neighbor. The entrance to Marie's love tunnel was wet and slippery, and when Aaron's erect penis poked at her opening he easily slid inside until their respective pubic hairs were pressed tight back against their pubic bones. Their lovemaking started out slowly, but it wasn't long before they were both caught up in the excitement of the realization that they were actually *******. Aaron was the first to shoot off his load, and when Maria realized that there was a strong possibility that she had just been impregnated, she climaxed right along with him.

Aaron slowly ran his hand up and down the back of Marie Bardoorian all the way from her neck to her ***. He marveled at the smoothness of her skin, and the firmness of her muscles and skeletal structure. He thought that he was one of the luckiest guys in the world. It was hard for him to believe that he had actually had sexual relations with his mother, and now with Marie. He was trying to think of a way to get that ***** Lisa to let him **** her. Wouldn't that be something he thought. Marie was enjoying the after glow of wonderful sex, and she was enjoying the feel of Aaron's hands on her body. She was glad that he wasn't groping her boobs, and trying to stick his fingers inside her body. She was pleased that he was a very considerate lover. What was really buzzing around in her brain, however, was the distinct possibility that she just might be pregnant. Wouldn't that be something she thought. Both were bogged down in their thoughts and were caught utterly off guard when the bedroom door burst open and the overhead light was flashed on.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Our sweet little neighborhood pornographic photographer and my little lesbian sister locked into a moment of passion? I didn't know you were in the cradle robbing business Marie? And you, you little blackmailer what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Get off your ******* high horse." Marie said laughing at her sister. "I'm more that willing to share this exquisite little penis that's attached to our beautiful neighbors body. All you have to do is step over here to the bed and you can do anything you want with it. I don't care, and I'm almost positive that Aaron won't mind. In fact if you will direct your attention to said penis, it looks like it would like to meet you. Come know we talked about it, here's your chance. Only three people in the whole wide world will know, and we're all right here in this room."

Lisa decided that her sister was right. She did want to see and touch that beautiful hunk of man meat, so she walked over and sat down on the bed next to Aaron. Tentatively she reached out and gently clasped the semi hard penis between her thumb and forefinger, and was amazed as the tool began almost immediately to stiffen and expand in both length and girth.

"Jeez, Lisa, for a judge you certainly aren't very fair." Aaron said. "You reneged on our agreement to let me not only see you, but touch you, and you are touching me and I don't even get to look at you."

"Well, life isn't always fair, besides you got to not only look at my sister, but from all apparent signs, you've pretty much touched her everywhere, both inside and out. So count your blessings young man. It'll be my decision rather or not I'm going to let you touch me. Understand?"

With that Lisa bent down for a closer look at the now erect, long, thin penis she held in her hand. She could smell her sister's essence and see and feel the dried up nectar that was created by the two lovers.

"You didn't use a prophylactic did you?" Lisa said confronting her sister. "Have you thought of the possibility that you just might end up pregnant?"

"Well...I wasn't thinking very clearly at the beginning, but afterwards, the possibility has crossed my mind. But so what, it wouldn't be the end of the world would it? In fact, I'm not so sure that I wouldn't like the idea of being a mother. Not that I would ask young Aaron here to be a father. But maybe you and I could raise a child of our own. What do you think of that idea?"

"I think you're crazy. That's what I think." Lisa responded while gripping Aaron's stiff **** in both hands and squeezing it tightly.

"Whoa! Gently does it Lisa. I'm still young, and I want to use that thing for a few more years."

"I'm sorry, Aaron, it's not your fault. Maybe I ought to climb aboard that thing of yours and get myself pregnant like my sister. Maybe the two of us should share this phase of our life together like we've shared most everything else. The only problem is that I'm not thrilled at the prospect of *******. So far in my forty-year-old life I've managed to avoid having a male's thing stuck inside of me. Technically I'm still a virgin. But the concept of being a mother is intriguing."

"Does it bother you Aaron that you might have fathered a baby in me?" Marie asked. "And what do you think of the prospect of fathering one with both of us?"

"Oh ****! I'm still in high school. I can't be a father. I can't support a family. ****!"

"Well, there is no guarantee that anyone is pregnant yet." Marie said. "But in any case we won't be asking you to support any children. It is just that if we have babies, you'll know that you're the father. I think that you have to promise never to tell anyone, even your mother. Could you do that?"

"Yes." Was all that Aaron could say although he wondered how he would feel about this tomorrow.

"Well...let's get him inside you Lisa. Get naked girl!" Marie exclaimed.

When Lisa s stood and started removing her cloths Aaron's eyes were riveted to the action. He was absolutely amazed at this turn of events, and his astounding good fortune. He loved the anticipation of Lisa removing her clothes and waited with baited breath for her under garments to be revealed. She was wearing a sweater and skirt, and when she pulled the sweater over her head the frilly beige bra could barely contain her ample chest. The swell of her breasts rounded out over the little blue ribbon that was stitched across the top of the garment, and her thick nipples threatened to punch a hole in the thin tan colored material. Lisa unsnapped her bra in back and let it slide down her arms as she pulled the side zipper of her skirt down. Both garments dropped to the floor as she pushed her panty hose down off her hips and down to her knees. Her dangling breast with their elongated nipples swayed gently back and forth as she divested herself of her nylons.

"Put your eyes back in your head Aaron. You're drooling all over yourself." Lisa laughed as she hopped on the bed still wearing her silk peach colored panties. Sinking down between the high school senior and her younger sister Lisa threw her arms over her head and stretched out on the bed.

"I've got two boobs. Each of you may have one. I need to be sexed up a little if I'm going to loose my virginity." Lisa laughed nervously.

Marie immediately began suckling on a nipple, while Aaron examined the crinkled dark ring that surrounded the other dimpled acorn sized bud protruding from the glorious mounds of the District Judge. He marveled at the rubbery feel as he lightly bit the tip with his teeth. The breast was bigger than his hand, and the pectoral muscle that went up into her armpit was thick and strong. He ran his tongue over the short stubble of hair in her pits and savored the sigh of contentment that escaped from the sensuous woman that was undulating beneath his hands.

Marie worked her way down her sister's torso from her breast to her naval, then twisting so that the two of them were both face to crotch. She pulled her sister's panties down before rolling her up on top. Then Marie pulled Lisa's thighs up so that Lisa was kneeling over her face. Both sisters eagerly began licking and sucking the others ****. Aaron crawled up behind the open passageway between the spread thighs of the older of the two sisters. He gawked at the awesome sight of her star shaped anal opening winking at him above a hairless spot at the bottom of her *****. The long thick dark hair that curled around her open ***** trailed delicately a short ways down the inside of her thighs. He looked past Lisa's spread opened **** and into the eyes of Marie as she looked up through the forest of hair of her sister's ****. Gripped Aaron's penis She moved it into the center of her sister's sex, Aaron knew that the God's had blessed him.

"Oh my God!!!!" Lisa exclaimed as Aaron slid smoothly and effortless into her. "Oh my God!"

Gripping her hips and pulling her body towards him as he pushed forward as far and hard as he could with his pelvis, pushing Lisa off of her sister's face: Aaron slowly let his breath out. Moving slowly in and out of her love box, he gradually quickened his pace until he was driving with such force that Marie underneath began to feel for her safety. Way before he wanted to, however, Aaron felt his balls tighten and his ***** shoot out of his sheathed **** and coat the walls and entrance to Lisa's womb.

"Wow..." was all Aaron could say before he collapsed alongside of the third woman of his life.

"Thanks sweetie." Lisa said as she rolled over on her back after giving Aaron a short little kiss on his forehead. "That sure was different."

"Didn't you like it?" Marie asked scooting up and draping herself over Lisa's chest.

"Let's just leave it at different. OK? It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm not saying I didn't like it, but let's just leave it as different." Lisa said.

"I liked it when it happened to me." Marie said. "Maybe it would have been more romantic for you if we had turned the overhead light off and only had the candles lit?"

"Aaron, honey, don't you have school tomorrow?" Lisa asked. "It's getting pretty late, I think you should go home. We'll all talk later. OK?"

As Aaron gathered his clothes and got dressed both women disappeared into the bathroom. As he walked down the driveway and back to his own home he was astonished at how much his life had changed over the past six days. Not even a week ago he was an eighteen-year-old virgin that had never even seen an adult female naked. Now he had been with five naked females and screwed three of them and the other two were interested in having him screw them as well. It just goes to show that you never know what the next bend in the road has in store for you.

Thursday morning before Aaron left for school his mom called from Florida and said that she would be home late Sunday afternoon. At school he looked up Christy and Emily.

"I had to go to Florida for a couple of days." He explained. "My grandfather had a mild stroke. I haven't had a chance to develop the pictures yet, but I should be able to do it Saturday when I'm at work. Are we still on for next Monday?"

"We're looking forward to it." Christy said. "Would you be interested in coming to a party at Sara Richardson's Saturday night? It's mostly for the seniors to work on a couple of new cheer routines, but it will be party time as well."

"If you bring your camera you might even get some pictures to add to your collection." Emily added. "You never know what's going to happen when a bunch of nutty girls get together."

"Sounds great. I can get there anytime after seven. What time should I show up?"

"Eight would be perfect. See you Saturday night." Christina said as they split up.

When Aaron got home from school the light was blinking on his telephone answering machine with a message from Lisa Bardoorian instructing him to join she and her sister for dinner at six-thirty. He took a long hot shower and shaved as close as he could and arrived next door at the appointed hour.

"Do you want a beer or soft drink?" Lisa asked. "We're not being very formal, we're having pizza delivered." Both Lisa and Marie were dressed in the clothes they had worn to work, and all three sat around avoiding any meaningful conversation until the pizza had been devoured.

"With regards to last night..." Lisa started. "We've both given a lot of thought to the situation we got involved in. If you're willing, we both would like you to help us become mothers. We both may or may not have achieved that goal last night, but to insure that the event does in fact happen, we would like to set of a series of encounters so that the possibility in fact becomes reality. Do you understand what it is I'm saying?"

"I think so." Aaron laughed. "You want me to **** you both every night until you both become pregnant." Right?"

"Wrong. We want you to build up a high ***** count so you should make love to one of us, then take two days off and do the other one. After you take two days off you do the first one again. We keep this going until we're both with child. Could you agree to that and at the same time make sure that our meetings are discreet and our relationship doesn't become public knowledge?"

"Sure, should we start tonight?"

"No. You ********** at least twice just last night. We need to wait until Saturday night so your ***** count will be back at its peak."

"Well, I have to work the store all day, and I've been invited to a party Saturday night."

"What we'll do," Marie said clapping her hands, "is one of us will go over to your house about ten O'clock and get in your bed. Whenever your party is over you can come home and make love to the woman's that's sleeping there. Doesn't that sound awesome? Your mom won't be home until Sunday night, so we'll have plenty of time to do the nasty and still get back home before we're discovered. On Tuesday of next week you can come over here after supper and you can take care of the other one."

Everyone agreed, and Aaron went home thinking that those two broads were crazy. If they got pregnant, they got pregnant, and if they didn't, then they didn't. He didn't care one way or another. He didn't care if he had a high or low ***** count, he planned on getting laid as often as possible from as many different directions as became available. In fact if it took a year or more of steady screwing both sisters, it would suit him just fine. That night in bed he beat off happy in the knowledge that he was going to get to **** the Bardoorian sisters on a regular basis.

During lunch on Friday, Aaron made a concerted effort to sit next to Tammy White. He had a great picture of her suspended in the air with her legs split wide apart and her panty covered camel toe crotch on full display. As he recalled the photo he suspected that she shaved her ***** in order for it to be outlined so vividly underneath her cheerleaders uniform. He had spent many hours planning on how he was going to get her to unveil the secret of her *****, but he still hadn't formulated a solid strategy.

"Tammy, after tonight's basketball game I assume you're going to the dance. Would you go out for a burger or something with me afterwards?" Aaron asked.

"Sure, sounds good. I'll see you at the dance." Tammy said while thinking that Aaron was kind of cute and she heard that Christy Nelson had invited him over to Sara Richardson's house on Saturday night.

Aaron sat with his buddies again, and had his camera. He had explained to his cronies that the film was wrong, and he didn't get any quality pictures, but he was going to try again. He tried to get some attractive shots of all the girls, but spent most of his time aiming at the senior girls. When he got to the dance Sara Richardson was the first to pull him onto the dance floor. After a couple of up beat routines and an old fashion jitterbug dance the two of them headed for the sidelines.

"I'm glad you're coming over tomorrow night." Sara panted while she tried to catch her breath. "Christy says you're a good photographer and I would really like to get a nice photo that's a little off beat of the seniors for the year book. Pictures are due next week, and I'll be happy to buy the film if you're willing and able to capture our beauty on film."

"Let's see what develops." Aaron laughed at his own pun. "I'm looking forward to it. There isn't anything I like better than taking pictures of beautiful women. I got some shots of you guys cheering. If you want me to I'll bring them with me?" Over the next hour and a half Aaron danced with the rest of the seniors on the school cheerleading squad; Christina Nelson, Emily Thompson, Megan Browser and just before eleven he corralled Tammy White.

"I saw you taking pictures at the game tonight." Tammy stated. "Do you bring your camera to all the games?"

"No, last week was the first time I ever tried to take action shots indoors. But the pictures came out fairly good, would you like to see them? We could stop by my house and I'll get them." When Tammy agreed, Aaron knew what his attack plan would be. Tammy is an exotic beauty with her black shinny hair and deep dark almond colored eyes that make her look almost oriental. But Aaron knew that her heritage was mostly Native American.

Aaron got them each a coke and dumped a bag of chips in a bowl before he sat Tammy on the coach and ran upstairs to retrieve the pictures. He made sure the picture that showcased Tammy's ***** was on the bottom.

"Do you mind if I take some shots of you while you're looking at those?" Aaron asked.

"Not at all. These are very good. I'm surprised at how sharp and clear they are. The ones my mother takes aren't nearly as vivid."

"That's because I used very fast film and a big lens."

"Oh my God! How on earth did you every get this picture? It makes me look like I'm not wearing any panties! Oh ****! Did you let anyone else see this? Oh please I hope you haven't shown it to anyone. Would you please destroy it? Tammy was almost wailing she was so upset.

" is a great shot of you suspended like that. Also it's very sharp, but you can have it. You are very photogenic though...I mean your face...but you have a really terrific body and you move so gracefully. It would really be neat if you'd let me use you as a model for the college competition. Mr. Balance wins every year with the nude photos of his ex-wife."

"I could never pose nude. I'd be embarrassed."

"I'd never ask you to take all your clothes off, and I would never let anyone see a photo that you didn't approve of. I just took about twenty pictures of you while you were sitting there. I used my digital camera, so lets look at them and you can decide it you would be willing to pose for some photos that are maybe just a little bit more erotic. OK?"

Tammy was more than a little apprehensive but relaxed as she saw more and more pictures of her various facial expressions. She was delighted when she saw six different photos of her face when she looked at the photo showing her almost naked crotch. "I'm really impressed. Your photos are very good. I guess if you were really discreet I could pose for you. No full frontal nudity though. OK?"

"Great! Why don't we do some now with the digital camera? We can look at them right away and if you're satisfied I'd like to have you come down to the studio at my grandpa's store for a real shoot."

"Can I use the bathroom first?"

"Sure. I'll get you a robe and you can undress in there." Tammy wasn't sure how she got talked into taking all her clothes off, but she was looking forward to posing. One of her dreams was to become a model, and this was going to be a good test.

When Tammy came out and started to pose, Aaron was impressed with the fluid grace of Tammy's movements. Her dark skin was smooth and at first he thought that she was completely hairless before he caught a glimpse of a very fine thin wisp covering her bulging pubic mound. Her nipples were dark, almost black, and sat up high on nicely shaped firm **** about the size of small oranges. With her long legs she was a striking beauty. He posed her in a multitude of positions, and it was close to midnight when they fired up the computer to see what they had accomplished.

"Some of these are really hot. I especially like this one that shows the underside of your breast. The curvature is so feminine and with your hair partially concealing your face, no one would know that it was you." Aaron said. "But we couldn't put one of your face alongside it because then people would know that it was you."

"Right, and if anyone ever saw this one of my that one even shows my pubic hair. If anyone ever sees these it would be the end of you buster." Tammy laughed. "I'm embarrassed that you actually took a photo like that. When I said no frontal nudity, I should have added no shots up through the back of my legs."

"I like this one a lot." Aaron said while pointing to a photo that was a close-up of Tammy's puffed out areola and firm round nipple. It's really sexy. I have been harder than a brick since we started this, and it's killing me just looking at you without being allowed to touch."

"I didn't say you couldn't touch. Do you want to go over to the couch for a while? I can't stay too much longer because I promised my folks I'd be home about one. But we have a little bit of time. I'm probably more turned on than you are." Tammy said.

While Tammy dropped the robe and lay down on the couch, Aaron turned off all the lights except for the glow from the computer monitor. Quickly undressing he knelt beside the couch and gently kissed Tammy as his hand and arm tenderly pulled their torsos together. Cupping and gently rolling the engorged nipple of one breast Aaron moved his mouth down to her other *** and started delicately sucking. Sliding further down her body he got his head between her legs and started kissing and licking the long thin sparse hair that covered her vulva. Twisting their bodies Tammy was able to get Aaron's long bony **** in her mouth so the couple could mutually pleasure each other to a sexually satisfying climax.

"I hope you don't get upset Aaron, but I'm not ready to **** anybody yet. OK? Maybe sometime in the future I will, but not right now."

Aaron didn't really care. The feeling of her soft warm mouth engulfing his throbbing **** was a joy in and of itself. He was enjoying the fragrance emitting from her puffed out ***** and was almost sure that Tammy had experienced a climax about the same time he did. They continually kissed and fondled one another while getting dressed.

After Aaron took Tammy home he felt great. His week had been fantastic with Lisa and Marie and his mother. Now he was making progress with Tammy and Christina and Emily. Maybe even Sara and Megan Browser would join his harem. Yes, life was starting to look very, very good.

Saturday at the store wasn't all that busy and Aaron got a chance to develop and organize all the pictures of the cheerleaders. He put them all in one envelope, and took the best erotic shots, but nothing pornographic, that he had of Tammy and put them in another envelope. A third envelope held a few photos of Christina and Emily. By the time he closed up the store and showered and shaved, it was almost eight so he headed over to Sara Richardson's house.

He gave the cheerleader photos to Sara and tried to discreetly pass the ones of Christy and Emmy to Christina and then when nobody was watching he gave Tammy hers. Everyone oohed and aahed as they looked at the pictures taken at the game but the passing of the photos to Christy and Tammy had not been as secret as Aaron had thought.

"OK, you guys. Let's see the pictures he gave you." Sara said looking first at Christina then at Tammy.

"What?" Both girls said almost simultaneously as they first looked at Sara then turned and both glared at Aaron.

"Last week I was talking with Christy and she agreed to pose for me, and she brought Emily along with her. It's just a couple of photos I took of them. Last night Tammy and I went out after the dance. I was showing her the pictures I had of you guys from last week, so she posed for me. It isn't any big deal, we're not trying to hide anything from anybody, and it's just that the photo's are more personal and a little bit erotic." Aaron tried to explain.

"Right." Sara said with an all-knowing look. "And I'm a born again Christian. Just hand over the evidence you guys. We're all on the same team, remember."

"Holy ****! That's really sexy Tammy." Megan said as she looked at a photo of Tammy taken from the side with her sitting and looking over her knee. No private parts were showing, but there wasn't any doubt that she was naked. There were eight pictures in all of Tammy, all taken from various angles. The one everyone liked the best was taken from the front with her knees pulled up to her chest and her head resting on her knees. The flare of her hips and the expression on her face was one of pure beauty. The one everyone liked best of Christina and Emily was with the two of them with the arms wrapped around each other and looking back at the camera. Even though they were both naked the pose wasn't pornographic but more whimsical and fun because of the terrific smiles they both projected.

"You know guys, these are so good that we have to have one that shows all of us bare *** naked to submit for the year book. Can you take one of all five of us that shows everything, yet doesn't show anything?" Sara asked.

"I could sure try." Aaron grinned as his **** started growing beneath his pants.

"I'll go along with it." Megan said while laughing. "But I'm warning you Aaron if Brent Ninehouse ever finds out that it was you who took naked pictures of his girl friend, he might just be a little bit jealous. We've been dating since the start of school and he still hasn't gotten to second base yet."

"You must be the biggest ***** teaser in the whole school." Tammy chided her.

"Well I like him well enough, but not enough to let him pop my cherry. But you never know. Maybe I'll let him do it before he sees any naked pictures of me. And another thing, Aaron here has seen you three guys naked already, and now he's going to see both Sara and I. On top of that, I've never seen a guy's thing. If I'm to take my clothes off, then so should he. It's only fair. You agree with me don't you Sara?"

"Well, if you've never seen a naked ****, then tonight is the night. Let's all take a seat while our lovely friend here strips for us. You can see he's already drooling in eager anticipation of seeing the five of us, so get with the program Aaron baby." Sara giggled.

"Put some music on so he can give us a real show." Emily shouted over the laughter of her friends.

When the music started Aaron did his best to entertain the five attractive girls. Thrusting his hips back and forth in a bump and grind motion he slowly started removing his clothes. When he got down to his briefs, the head of his **** was sticking out of the top at the waistband. He turned his back and slowly lowered his shorts and then gripping his long stiff **** in both hands he turned and faced the cheering and clapping ladies.

"You should feel it Megan." Christy said. "It is really neat. I couldn't believe how smooth and soft it was even when it's hard like it is now."

"Did you feel it too?" Megan asked Emily.

"I not only felt it...I put it in my mouth. So did Christina. How about you Tammy, did you suck him off? Emily asked.

"You did, didn't you!" Squealed Sara, while watching Tammy turn beat red before she turned to Aaron. "And you, the man of the hour, do you reciprocate? How many girls have given you blow-jobs, and how many of those have you gone down on?"

"Only three, and yes. I know you guys won't believe this, but prior to this week I hadn't gotten to first base with anyone. To be honest I hadn't even tried. Now here I am naked in front of all five of you. I don't believe it myself."

"In about ten seconds there is going to be six naked people in this room. On top of that if Megan will put your **** in her mouth, than you will be the only guy in our school who's been sucked off by all five of the seniors on the cheerleading squad. Go ahead Megan. Give it a try. You start him, and I'll finish him off." With urging from the rest of the team, Aaron shuffled over in front of Megan. Very tentatively and with a great deal of hesitation, Megan gripped the base of Aaron's ****, and gingerly slipped her mouth over the head. She took her time exploring the taste and texture of her first ****.

"Give me that thing." Shrieked Sara as she pulled Aaron's ridged tool to her mouth and sucked with the power of a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

"Ooh...****...ooh." Was all Aaron could mutter before he started to explode spurt after spurt of hot ***** down the willing throat of Sara Richardson.

The actual picture taking went fairly quickly, but everyone was a little nervous being nude so when Sara suggested that they all get dressed no one objected. Watching his classmates putting their clothes back on was almost as much fun as it had been watching them getting out of them in the first place. Looking at women and girls in panties and bras, even when you had seen what was hidden, was still very erotic. For the rest of the party he sported a semi erection under his pants.

Driving home close to midnight Aaron reflected on the most memorable night of his young life. He had photographed five beautiful nude girls lying on their backs in the shape of a star on the floor. All their heads were together, and they were looking up at him while he stood naked on a small stepladder. But the night had only just gotten started. Supposedly, A naked Lisa or Marie Bardoorian was waiting for him in his own bed. As he walked to his bedroom, his ***** just kept getting harder and harder. When he opened the door, the only light in his room seeped from around his closed closet doors. But there was enough light to show that there was a lump hidden under the covers. He quickly removed all his clothes and crawled between the sheets. Marie rolled on her side and wrapped her warm naked arms and legs arou
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