Different Strokes For Different Folks....

I class myself as a nudist, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to take all my clothes off all the time. Its cold this morning, I'm sat here in t-shirt and jogging bottoms because, despite the sun, its cold.

My wife will come in from work, ***** naked to change, and then wear clothes for the rest of the day until bedtime.

We both sleep naked, we'll go to nudist beaches in the summer, we used to go to a fortnightly nudist swim.

My stepson sleeps naked, and will go naked in the house, not all the time, but going to and from the bathroom, and in his room in the summer.

My stepdaughter sleeps naked in the summer, and will go naked in her room, and will change naked in the ladies changing room of the local textile pool, but hasn't gone naked in front of me since puberty.

My ex partner no. 1 was happy to go naked in front of her family and friends and sexual partners, but I couldn't persuade her to go naked at a swim or on the beach (although she did go topless a couple of times.)

Ex partner no. 2 was open to nudity in the house, and we did discuss the possibility of going to a swim with her son and baby daughter, but she got pregnant very quickly and it just never happened. 

My 11yr old non-identical twin daughters, one is a bit body shy (she doesn't want me to see her naked but puts up with it if we're at the textile beach and I'm holding a towel around her), the other one will happily sit and watch a nudist film and has wanted to go to a nudist beach since she was 8. Unfortunatly because they don't live with me I haven't raised them as nudists which I would have done if I could.

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that is how it is here at home we raised our two daughers on clothing optional not forcing them either way
most time i am naked but as you say in middleof winter i wll not go naked
there be times i am chilly and have top and pants or shorts on wife wil lbe naked or the daughers naked it is just we kinda nudisty family but not all time or corced

This is a great post. thank you for writting it. I am a nudist also. My wife of 26+ years isn't. But she has told me that she will try it at a resort this summer. I am often seen naked by those living in this home, and some of the regular service people who come to the house. I used to bow strictly to my wife's wishes, but I am not getting any younger, and it is time for a little of what "I" want, if you know what I mean.

same as with my wife she not keen on idea but then she does not mind me but dont get caught she says like i am going to walk down main street lol