First Time Being Nude At Resort

the first time my wife and i went nude was at a nudest resort  we signed in to the resort and the we

were told were we could park and remove our clothing . we removed are cloths right at our car and then we got into

a golf cart so we could get a guided tour around the resort

jimhar jimhar 46-50, M 4 Responses Apr 24, 2010

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I just had my third visit and first entire weekend at a nude recreation park. Camped from Friday night until Sunday evening. It was fantastic, except for the mild sunburn on my back. Wish I could afford to be a member of the park.

the exact same thing happened to me. Felt like an idiot when i asked if the had a changing room and was told to undress in the parking lot duh!

yeah finish, most women have a hard time their first time. they are so self conscience of their bodies. my wife won't even think about it. she thinks i am a pervert for being a nudest. doesn't even want to listen or talk about it. hell i haven't seen her naked in so long . but, as i told her, i wasn't put on earth to please her or anyone else but myself. this is what i like to do, and i am going to continue. i would prefer to have company, but, the people at the parks and resorts are really nice.

C'mon finish the story! How did your wife do? Have you been back or plan too now that's summer's coming? Where are you?<br />
SUNcerely, <br />
Don - So. Calif.