Lonely Nudist.

I have been a nudist for a while mainly at home. But have started doing more adventerous things nude over the past few years. Where I use to live I could bike in some nearby woods nude. If you passed someone the trails were so narrow that they were only worried about not getting run over. Plus you were gone by the time they realized you ony had sunglasses and shoes on. Where I live now is more rural and I am able to do more things out nude. Recently I have found a place along a river where I can fish nude. It is great especially since it has been so hot lately. Also I have located some trails along two creeks that have some great waterfalls on them. There you have to be more careful and plan your trips so as not to run into anyone. Feels great wading in the creek, slipping over a waterfall, bolder hopping, and then washing off in the falling water. Am looking for more places nearby and maybe for folks to join me.
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

I'm not sure where you live, but how about going to a nearby nudist resort? You may have to search online, but there are some resorts that allow single guys to attend. If there is nothing nearby, you could always take a vacation & go to a nude beach or other nudist resort - you'll be sure to meet many fellow nudists that way. There are also various social nudist groups that host gatherings or nude swims, and also organize trips to nudist resorts and beaches - that would be a good option for you. As I said, you'll have to do a bit of searching online, but they're out there. Have fun & good luck!