As an alien clothes are just not needed.
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I quite agree - hope you'll add me

hi thanks for believing me my doctor has bad news my doctor thinks that led from the knife might mean i will 5% get led poison and the knife got my bone a tiny bit but that will heal on my birthday august 14th because it will grow

Sweet yay aliens

I must be an Alien to. I dont wear clothes either

LMFAO!! Let's do this Angel *wink wink*

LMAO @ Wolfie....... and sure thing Nudy dude

well mine are perkier than yours.. (o)Y(o)

But I am alien I have two nipples to each breast! lmao

damn straight!! we are the boss (8 )(8 )

*rubs up against College* ooh Mating season already!! Yipeeeeeee!! =D

lmfao me toooooooooooooo

Nope they don't come out until alien mating season

Don't your parts get cold?