Bathing Naked With My Younger sister Naked In The Tub Upto Age 13.

This is my bathing naked story with my younger sister.When I was five and my sister was three my mom made me sister start taking baths together,and me and my sister always had fun in the tub naked,and playing with our bath toy.My mom always stayed in the bathroom with us, This whent on intell i was ten and my sister was eight.After that I started taking showers by myself,but if my mom was in hurry to go some place she sometimes had me bath together with my sister,intell I turned thirteen.My mom also washed my penis and and the rest of my body plus my hair intell I was eight.The end.
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This reminded me of going to a friend of my fathers house. The friend and his wife had a boy and girl both younger than me. I would have been about 11 and they had an older brother who was about 17. I was staying the night and the wife told me to get undressed for my bath. I assumed it was to be alone but she came in and hurried me in to the bathroom and the boy and girl were also there and naked. I was both embarrassed and excited. We were put in the tub together. Their older brother came in to the bathroom. He looked at what I had between my legs and he was smiling and this embarrassed me more as I felt too old for being bathed and him being able to see my private parts. He teased me about it the next day - that I had been bathed with his sister and younger brother and I was a 'big boy' and I felt even more ashamed.

I was bathed naked by my mom till i was 13

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My younger girl cousin (about a year younger than me) and I often were bathed together up until we were about 6 or 7. lol, our parents never knew that she and I were naked together much more often than that.

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