Traveling Once Again.

i am leaving n. j., and heading to atlanta for work.
from there i will be heading to miami for a couple of months, and spending christmas in the keys.
i will be giving nudity a go once again, i havnt been able to indulge since my surgury in march (long story)

im hoping to only have minor issues during this time, and i think i have a plan.
i cant wait to feel the sun, wind, and water on my body again. it helps so much to relieve stress, restore inner energy to the soul, and over all a sense of well being.
the sun has a way to heal the body, and mind, and the water has a way to wash impurities away.

i am a new englander by birth, and dont care much for the summer months in fla. so im hoping to be back in rhode island in march, so i may enjoy trips to vermont for nude camping.
diapbiker diapbiker
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Have a great NUDE Christmas in the Keys!!
Naked Sissy Stephie

oh ya the grate out doors what a grate place to be