Blackgang... Isle Of Wight

The day started with a short drive to the beach, where we could go naked, a scramble down the cliff, and there we were. Me and M (my girlfriend) S (her sis), with R (her husband). S & R were regulars but M and I were newbies. I was around 22 she 20 and we had not been together long. We were used to going to the beach, wearing very little, she nearly always topless. and of course I always got an erection, so I was quite concerned that I would be very embarrased in front of her sister.
Anyway off come the clothes, straight into the sea, and all seems well. I had seen M naked many times of course, but her sister was even more gorgeous, and I knew when I saw her I would have a problem. Sure enough, she came into the sea, tanned all over, beautiful breasts, firm nipples, and fortunately I could only see her top half, so I'm still ok. But then, as we swam and splashed I started to harden, thinking "Oh dear, I'm going to have to stay in the sea all day"
Then, while we were jumping around I noticed that Ron had also got quite a sizeable erection, I suppose he had never seen M naked either! Then S came over to me and said "Don't worry if you get a hard on, R always does, but it soon goes down" Unfortunately far from reassuring me, this had the effect of firming me up a bit more, and by now I was fully erect,
Ther were not many people on the beach, which was recognised as nudist, but while we had been swimming, a group of 4 couples had sat down quite close to our towels, and had ******** to costumes, but no further.
Oh well, just swam around a bit after the girls go in, and wait for the droop.. But, of course, they aren't going in on their own, with the new arrivals watching, and I remained pretty much full on, Every time I started to lose it a bit S came by and said "how you getting on", with a significant look at my manhood, back to full on!
R, meanwhile, had pretty much controlled himself, he was used to being naked, and my M wasn't winding him up either, and the more I tried to think of something else the more I thought about sex.
BTW This is a true story, which I will continue later
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Oh to be 20 again! Things just happen at that age.