Nude On Beach, At Blackgang (cont'd)

..............eventually under control we decided to walk along the shore a bit, and approach our towels & clothes from the opposite side to our new (clothed) neighbours. This was the 1st time I had ever walked anywhere outside naked., It was fantastic, I managed to remain "semi", well at least pointing down, nand was feeling pretty good, and not just sexual. On that walk I became a lifetime naturist..
As we walked up the beach I noticed that everyone was nude, and thought, how typical, the only "textiles" have to sit right next to us!
As we turned to walk back to our place, we were called to by a couple, totally naked and totally brown, and stopped to talk to them.. Then my trouble started again, when I noticed that the lady, who was quite old (40s seemed old then!!) had her legs slightly apart, was totally shaved and was showing me the most beautiful fanny I had ever seen, the outer lips were swollen, but it was still slightly open. But it was just so THERE... (I have to say that in those days, fannys were hairy, a slight trim perhaps, but never a full shave)
I was soon fully erect, again, and said to the others that I was going back in the sea, as I turned away to hide my ****, but at that time there was another couple walking along between us and the sea, and I really did not know what to do. I was so embarrassed it could have put me off naturism for life, but her husband said "Don't worry mate, she has that effect on all the guys, including me", and as he said this he became quite erect too. Our 2 girls were looking with appreciation at his ****, which of course he noticed, and soon he was rampant too. not bad for a guy in his 40s, (Oh, and he was shaved too)
At this, R started to swell too. ( more later on this), to be continued...
salsakizomba salsakizomba
46-50, M
Jan 15, 2013