Massage On Nude Beach

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We sat down on the sand and had a chat for a while, we had to sit to hide our erections, the girls remained standing, as they were concerned that our clothes and stuff, car keys etc! were way down the beach, and though they were happy to look at hubbys ****, they were not so happy at the efect this old lady had had on our *****!!
The couple told us that on weekends the beach was not totally nudist, and suggested that we move down to their end...Sure enough when we looked, there were more clothed people between us and our clothes! Fortunately My M, the most sensible of all 4 of us, suggested that we borrow towels from the couple to cover ouselves while we went for the clothes, and this we did, well, the 2 girls went, which suited me as I could not get enough of looking at the shaven place! As soon as the girls had gone off, she opened her legs wide, and gave me a view that stays with me even now, and I really wished that it had just been me and her there, as I just wanted to touch it. R got the same view and I was pleased to see that he was fully rampant too, as was he husband, It was the sexiest time of my life up till that time. I had never seen a mans erect penis before either, ( all boys school!) and I even found that a turn on.
Her husband started to stroke the womans tummy with one hand,while stroking his erection with the other, and she just relaxed and moaned gently, she was wide open and wet, and I could not beleive what was happening, we intended to have a sexy time at the beach, but this was something else. His **** was Rampant and he slipped his fingers down to her Fanny and stroked I really wanted to stroke my own penis, but felt awkward, so tried to do it without being seen, until I saw that R was openly stroking his, and seemed on the point of coming, so I went for it and ********** almost straight away. In fact R and myself both came pretty much at the same time, and
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