The Girls Come Back And Want A Massage

......... at the same time that we came, she came too, quietly and wriggly just pushing herself against her mans hand, he slipped a finger slighty inside her, but the ****** was purely from the external massage.. Her husband did not come, but saw that we both had, and he winked and said," got to save myself for later"
R and I saw the girls coming back so decided to quickly run in to the sea to wash, and at last my erection sudsided.
When the girls got back to the couple to return their towels, she had closed her legs, but was gently stroking his penis, while he cuddled her, and R and I stayed in the sea for a while to see what would happen, We both hoped that the girls would sit down with the couple, but were concerned that the overt sexuality would put them off, My M was for going a bit further down the beach, but S was all for staying there, and we came back to find them laying out the towels next to the couple.We came in from the sea, and all settled down to sunabathe, but immediately S asked R to put oil on her back, which he did, but with less enthusiasm than he would if he had not just orgasmed, And I offered to do M's back, which, to my credit, I did with all enthusiasm, growing a semi in the process. At this point The couple went for a swim, leaving us all to talk and S accused R of letting the wife ********** him, M jumped on the band wagon and suggested that she had done a double hand job on both of us... It was necessary to confess that we had both orgasmed, it was obvious, but we convinced the girls that it was diy, and I think they believed us., At least they both agreed to oil our backs, and when M sat on the back of my thighs to massage my back I could feel her wetness, and she gave me a lovely massage.
The couple returned from the sea, and lay out, (always laid on their backs, don't know how their backs went brown at all!) and they gave each other a good massage with oil, with her concentrating on his penis for some time, and he concentrating on her nipples likewise.
It was soon time for us to turn over, and massage each others fronts, we did the girls first, being gents, and gave them a good oiling all over. They both opened their legs more then I would have expected them to,and by the time we had finished they both had erect nipples, and swollen wet vaginas. R and I both had sizeable erections again, (remember we were only in our 20s). and laid back in anticipation of our frontal massage.
We were not disappointed, both of us were fully erect, and due to the fact of a recent ****** were able to hold off coming even when both girls *********** us gently, when they had massaged us for quite a long time we all lay back to sunbathe in a row, All six of us had legs pointing to the sea, all with legs parted, and the 3 guys with full on erections, What a sight for the few people that walked past! We did not care. I had lost my inhibitions, at least in a naturist environment...
M's sexuality also really came out on that holiday, and she was happy to expose herself, and the other couple had been doing it for years. Looking back it is just as horny now as it was then, and I still love going to a secluded naturist beach with a woman, & I can still not keep control of my erection, I'm glad to say.
Is ther more to this story?... yes lots, that day, and the next, and the following year too. but thats for another day

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Another great installment! Keep it going.