Remote Tantric Massage... Like Remote Reiki Only A Bit Sexier.

I recently suggested that an online friend of mine got her husband to give her a Yoni massage, and got a reply, "Whats That"
So I mailed her back that it was a long (45mins +) Swedish all over body massage, followed by a long (30mins+) massage of the vulva, and that if she liked I would take her through it step by step.
She replied that she always cut guys off when they started talking dirty, so I said "well trust me I'm not going to talk dirty, I am just going to give you a massage".
Here are the first couple of mails I sent her
1 It is a massage of the Yoni, (the Sanskrit word for Vagina), It usually follows a full body massage, and then with the woman on her back with legs slightly bent, & parted at knees the Outer Labia are gently massaged until they are really swollen, They are usually on the way to swelling just with the normal massage! xx
2 ****** is possibly later, (though occasionally the girl comes almost straight away), BUT, the point of this kind of massage is not to come, but to feel loved and adored and respected.. For example before touching the Labia, I would ask you, "May I massage your Yoni" or possibly "Would you allow me to worship your Yoni", and then, with lots of eye contact I would start. and I would massage just the outer labia for at least 5 mins, pouring a little warmed oil on your mound and letting it trickle down.
3 That is the whole point of it, tantric massage is much misunderstood, It is a truly spiritual experience, (for the giver as well as the receiver)
It is making me feel twitchy here, just typing to you, and if this were actual, as opposed to cyber, I may have an erection, but I would not be even thinking of my own pleasure, other than the pleasure I get from pleasing you.. xx I am almost ready to part your labia,..... but not just yet

I will continue this true story at a later time, but for now I'm just going to ask,
............... Is this cyber sex or not?
................Do you think she had an ******? (after a lot more chat)
.................Do you think I had an erection?
..................Do you think I had an ******?
.................. Do you think I **********?
serious questions which I will truthfully answer in later posts.

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Your explanation to your friend should put her at ease. I have a friend who practices Tantric massage. She explained it in a way that made me want to learn about Tantra as a spiritual worship of the woman's body and her Yoni. I am currently reading a book on Yoni worship. I will be looking for your future posts of information you share with your friend. Will the future posts be under "I Am A Nudist" experience title?

I think teaching the tantra is great. Even I want to know more.