Valentines Day

 me and my lady friend are painting our apt naked today and eating sushii for valentines day

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5 Responses Feb 14, 2009

When you get done painting there are no ruined clothes to throw away. You just jump in the shower and wash the paint off. And if you jump in together, wash each other.

MarkFree, I'm with you. I painted the back of my house nude once. With a paint brush in one hand and a wet rag in the other hand, I could really make some progress painting. Clean up was a breeze, too.

I have been a nudest for years and it is a great way of life.

I always paint naked. The paint comes off of me much easier than out of the clothes.

Doing almost any chore or project around the house is alot more comfortable and fun when done in the nude. My wife and I havent done any painting yet, but we have both said we are going to be naked when we do and are looking forward to it.