Did something today that I don't think I've ever done, I drove home from work nude. It was kind of exciting. Had all the windows down. The wind and sun felt great. Don't know if I'll do it again, getting caught just wouldn't be worth it.
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I will share a couple of funny stories with you. Both are true. My at the time girlfriend dared me to drive down a major street nude with the top down on my convertible. She said if I did, she would do it topless! I removed my tee shirt, shorts and boxers and started driving! Once we got to the destination of the bet. She said " okay I guess I have to hold my end of the dare!" she started to unbutton her top and I said" you don't have to!" she was relieved!!!
Another time I was on my way to have lunch with her. Please note I live in Phoenix where it is 100+ degrees on the summer. I had the top down on my car. I also had sheep skin car seats (it was 1987), however that morning I dropped them off at the dry cleaners, so I was sitting on leather seats. I was an hour away from her office. I was about ten minutes away and looked down and noticed my shorts were soaked. I felt my back and realized it was as well. I knew I could not go into her office with wet pants, so I pulled into an office complex, removed my shorts, boxers and shirt, placed them in the back seat to dry and drove the rest of the way nude in my open convertible. Fortunately, this was before everyone drove an SUV, so I was fairly safe driving. I did stay away from trucks and mini vans! This time icwas a bit scared of getting caught. Fortunately, I made it to her office safely, and without a police car following me! My clothes were perfectly dry when I arrived.

But still a thrill to do...I have driven nude too and loved it