I recently joined experience project and have always considered myself nudist. After reading many stories and being honest with myself about my views on nudism here is what I'm thinking. I believe that nudism and sex are two different things. Having said that I read a post that said while nudity and sex aren't mutually exclusive, they are not synonymous either. I agree. I've have also read stories of people who are exhibitionist.
So while I've been smug in my views, I think a small part of me does enjoy the thrill of having others see me nude. When I drove home from work recently nude, there was a element of excitement and knowing that I could be caught.
So where does this leave me? Trying to be honest in my postings and honest with myself.
So here goes. I am a nudist who thinks nudism is about the wonderful feeling of freedom that comes with removing your clothes, the feeling of oneness with your surroundings, the openness and honestity of conversation when everyone is naked.
I love being a nudist. I hate wearing clothes. I'm happily married. I'm not on here looking for sex. Just friendly nudist who like talking to and being around other nudist that aren't afraid of some mature content.
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Very well expressed! :)

I think nudity is the perfect blending of spirituality and sensuality...

I agree. Sex and nudism are two things. I.love being nude at home and in public. But of course there is something erotic about being seen Nude by strangers or friends.
I.think the naked drive, something I.do too, was a sexual act. Completely different. That's exhibitionism.
I've a gorgeous GF that I love dearly. I'm just here to share and read too.