I Started Wearing Dirty Clothes

Hi all, now I gone wild.. I started wearing dirty clothes, very tight jeans, ultra low rise jeans with showing large part of my bu-tt crack for all the world without underwear, all that while walking out with my husband and children, I can't wait to show more and more in public.. I want all people to treat me as a prostitute, as a dirty wh-ore, not as a respected married mom.. I want to let my children feel proud of my dirty behaviors.

lana9 lana9
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Mmmm - I like the way you are thinking here!! I'd love to see you nude and treat you as my own dirty wh-ore!! We could have so much fun!!

You know how to make an impression

wearing tight dirty jeans is great. girl will looks very nice with their dirty clothes, dirty jeans and armpit hair.. lol.. and will be more sporty if they little bit stinky. body odor and feet odor.. that the BEST girl the only girl that can make me horny

I love your development, I think the next step is to post nude photos, photos of you sucking your husbands **** and having sex. Let's see what you got sexy mama.

mbrider2007... thank you so much.. you are lovely guy....... Waiwera beeing a sl-ut is not bad thing. there is milions of wh-ores. one day my children will feel proud of having a dissolute mom.

Well, Lana9, it will be an EXPERIENCE for you... But I think it will turn out to be fairly temporary - a rebellion against that "cribbed, cabined and confined" feeling of having to conform. Why don't you walk down the street with nothing on - that would cause a stir among the locals. Mind you, I think your kids would probably cringe at the thought of going to school after that...

You seem like the perfect woman to me. Your husband is a lucky man.

because i want to be different woman.. not that respected, modest and shy married mom, but i want to be a dissolute woman.. the feeling is so good, now i'm feeling that with my new style of wearing like slu-ts, i'm enjoing that so much.

Dirty.... Why dirty, I wonder? Do you feel guilty about it?<br />
And why would you want your kids to be involved in this...dirtiness?

I think it all really depends on your husband (their father) reacts to everything. Children are always embarrassed by their parents - it's what they learn from watching their mom and dad interact that tells them what is right and what is good.

All of it. Again, unless bring you children in the same way.

embarrassed of wearing tight jeans or embarrassed of beeing a prostitute?

I agree with Bisou- unless your bring your children up to be the same way.

I guarantee you're children won't be proud.. They'll be embarrassed.