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I introduced my wife (of 16 years) to nudism when we first got married. She was very uptight about the modesty thing and had never worn a bikini; always one-piece suits. One summer, we both had a weekend off so I surprised her one day and told her we were going on a weekend trip. We loaded the car with the tent and camping things, and away we went, both looking forward to a weekend away.

Our trip destination was over 600 miles away, which I will explain later. Anyway, when we got to the resort, she was sort of curious as to why there was a fence with an electric gate, but I just smiled and punched the code numbers in that I had gotten when I made the reservations; the gate opened and we drove in. I parked the car and we went into the office to register our camp site and pay for the weekend.

My poor wife was surprised indeed when the husband and wife who owned the resort were behind the desk and the owner/husband was stark naked. The wife was wearing a blue jogging suit. It was raining the morning we arrived, but it was relatively warm outside.

After we got registered and received directions to our tent site, I retrieved a plastic shopping bag from the car and stepped into the bathroom. When I came out a few minutes later, my wife was more than a little surprised to see that I had stuffed the clothes I had been wearing into the bag and came outside completely naked. "What on earth are you doing?" She asked. "Well, here's the surprise:" I replied, "We're spending the weekend at a nude resort."

I had no idea what her reaction to all this would be, and it was slow in coming. We got back into the car and drove the short distance to our campsite (we were the only ones at the resort besides the owners, as we had gotten there early on a Friday morning. As we drove the short distance, the wife didn't say anything, she just kept looking at me driving the car naked.

We got to our tent site and I parked the car. As soon as I shut the engine off, my wife said, "I saw the owner naked in the office, and now you're naked outside; is this really a nudist resort?" I handed her the brochure the owners had sent me in the mail, and she briefly looked over the literature, put it back in the glove compartment, and immediately began removing her clothing.

When we got out of the car, she put her arms out and let the cool rain hit her body. She looked at me and laughed and said, "This is too wierd". Then, she started walking back along the road toward the office. She turned around and walked back, past me, and then jogged for a long distance in the other direction. She came back to the car eventually, and smiled and said, "This is great. I never knew how much clothing restricted the sensations of things on your skin".

We unloaded the tent and set it up, then brought in the sleeping bags and other things, and got the tent set up. All the while, she never said a word. She said later that she was just marveling at how great this whole experience was. After we finished setting up our campsite, I took her hand and we grabbed some towels and headed back to the resort building. There was a large indoor swimming pool, a hot tub (which hadn't been heated up at that point), and a nice area around the pool with tables and chairs. We sat down at one of the tables, and shared a can of pop (neither of us drink), and before long, the owner/wife came in to skim the pool and my wife watched in fascination because the owner was wearing only shoes. After a while, my wife said, "This is so odd: everybody's nude." The owner chuckled and replied, "Your first visit to a nude resort?"

A cold front came through on the rain and the temperature dropped into the lower 60s, but once my wife had experienced nudism, temperatures did not influence her at all; she remained nude the whole weekend, even when most of the rest of (the resort became more populated as the day progressed) us were dressed against the cold. The pool was very popular that evening and members of all ages swam and sat and chatted. As we were not members, but guests, we were the center of the evening; people enjoyed having someone new to talk with. That weekend was over 16 years ago and we both remember it like it was last week. My wife was really overwhelmed when everyone had to shower before entering the pool, and the shower area was large. So there we were, among a dozen other people, enjoying a community shower, everyone laughing and joking and having a great time.

Anyway, we never did go back there (as I said, it was over 600 miles away), and we had several children over the years. Once the older boys hit their teen years, my wife suddenly stopped being a nudist. She says that being a woman nude in front of her teenage sons is wierd somehow.  they were raised in the nudist lifestyle until the older boy reached his teens, then everything stopped. What I mean by "everything" is that once she had experienced the resort, her whole attitude seemed to have changed. There is a rather discreet swimming place not far from where we live, which we would frequent. If there happened to be another couple or two there, my wife would shyly approach them and ask if they minded if she removed her swimsuit and went nude. This happened more than a dozen times over the course of a few years and not once did anyone object. A couple of times another couple would join us, even though our children were present. They understood (and said so) that as long as we were nude in front of our children, they knew we had a healthy attitude about it and they felt comfortable joining us).

There were even times when my wife's parents came to visit that they would invite us to their motel to bring the kids swimming and afterwords in the motel room, everyone (but my wife's mom) sat around and chatted, ate pizza, and drank pop completely nude. It turned out that her dad had been a closet nudist for decades.

There have been times when we were careless at night with curtains to the point where I swear everyone of our neighbors has seen us nude at least once. We can't help but chuckle over that.

I have tried several times over the past couple of years to get her to enjoy nudism again, explaining that it had not bothered her at the resort to be nude in front of teens of both sexes. She says she knows better, it is just the society thing that she was raised with, even though all of our children have told her on numerous occasions that they do not mind nudism at home (although the oldest boy would not do it), they sort of miss her doing it as they had long ago gotten used to family members being nude.

We live in a very small community where there are no nude beaches or resorts, or anything like that, and if it were found out that someone was a nudist, it would be met with the same attitude as a convicted sex offender. So, that is why we had to drive so far to go a nude resort-it was the nearest one to us. What a shame.

So, I guess we're not nudists anymore, even though both of us miss it very much. Any thoughts or advice, or words of encouragement would be appreciated.

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I really think this is a good and well written story!<br />
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The only way to encourage teen boys to be more respectful of simple nudity is to expose them to the thing we want them to deal with. There is really no reason for chuckling and giggling or making secretive comments between themselves accept when they find something "funny" or stressful or "weird" (as in, 'gee my parents are weird'). But the teenage boys at nudist resorts who DO behave and ARE respectful towards others prove that teen boys can behave themselves.<br />
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It is funny that when people see a behavior they have never encountered before they DO NOT ask about it but (often) try and come up with reasons why it happened. Accept in the cases of truly public behavior which surprises people or "offends" our present sensibilities; those are the cases that end up in a court of law with a jury of peers officially tasked with judging the behavior.<br />
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My wife said a funny and rather unexpected thing one time while we were at a nudist resort, and it was amazing to hear such a comment (meant in fun) coming out of her mouth. A just-about-to-turn-teen boy was walking by who had a nice smile, neatly cut blonde hair, even all-over tan and nothing but flip-flops on and my wife said, "He's going to grow up to be a real lady pleaser." I thought she was referring to the "whole package" of this nice looking, happy, smiling youth, but as it turns out (being early in the morning - maybe) she was referring to his not-so-little man package!! Yes! I could not believe such a bold and brazen statement as this was coming from my normally reserved wife's mouth! -- We still laugh about it to this day because it was so out of character for her to A). notice such a thing, B). let on that she noticed, and C). ACTUALLY say something about having noticed another male's endowment. Really funny.<br />
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I guess being in unfamiliar surroundings can bring out unexpected behavior, just as the original author of the experience above seems to have also written.<br />
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Thanks for share your experience with us. This a great history and congratulations for your wife that accepted the nudist very quick and adopted it for her life. Generally the husband or the men has interest for nude life and the wives are more modest or don't accept this life style. You, as me, has the wife that understand and love the nudist as a beautiful way of life. And this correct because is not wrong with healthy nudism in the family. There are several reasons to adopt it and main one is because is natural, for this is called naturism.
In our house in São Paulo, Brazil, when the weather is hot, we are ever nude. We begin in nudism not in the early times, but after our child grow up. They know that we go to nude beach or nude resorts but in family we never stay nude with them. When they lived with us, we only stay naked on the nude beach or resort or when they aren't at home. Now they are living in his own house we return to live nude frequently. We are more happy this way, living nude is wonderful. By the way, we don't know anyone ex nudist. Do you know?
We are brazilian and I'm sorry about my bad english.

Please don't apologize; your English is fine. I had no trouble reading your post. And also, thank you for replying to mine. I don't know anyone who is an ex-nudist, other than my wife. I still miss nudism, but where we live, we only have two months of the year that are warm enough to be nude, and there are no nude beaches anywhere near where we live.

If you want to get in touch with a nudist/naturist organization, there is none better than Lee Baxandall, the group's founder and leader, used to publish the World Guide to Nude Beaches and Recreation, but for some reason has not done so for over a decade. I recommend you go to and in their search engine enter "nude beaches" for a list of guides. Very likely there would be at least one within a reasonable travel distance of your location, or you could take advantage of bargain air fares. Years ago I enjoyed going to San Diego to stay at the YMCA and then take the bus to Black's Beach. But try to get the most recent publication you can, as the availability of these places seems to change over time.<br />
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Another possibility would be to build a privacy fence around your back yard.

I have been to 3 nudist resorts in my life (in the present century); all of them were a fair few kilometres away - one required a 7 hour trip, the other an overnight stay en route. But they were most enjoyable; I had not a qualm about stripping off and going about "air-clad". My wife... well, she had 'passed on", so that was what enabled me to make this experiment. I guess she could wear any sort of clothes she liked or none - up there - but it would not have been permitted down here when she was alive.<br />
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I had a little "tent on wheels", which you just wound a handle with, and it erected itself! Then all you needed to do was to furnish it with table, chair and food and water from inside the car.<br />
Its unfortunate that many resorts won't accept singles... however, there are often nudist beaches one can go to - not where I am now though - the authorities do not allow public nudity nohow. Bad luck mate! So it is necessary to find a resort within striking distance.

Yikes! We pay 40, so it isn't so bad.

We haven't been to a nudist camp in years; the nearest one is four hundred miles away in Wisconsin and they charge $150 per nights for a tent site (yeah, right). I wish there was one closer to home, but so it goes.<br />
We hang around nude in the mornings before we get the kids up for school and after that there is just no time through the rest of the day. What a bummer.

I get your wife's discontent regarding the boys. My wife and I escape to nudist camps within 100 miles of our little town and enjoy occasional weekends - leave the boys at home.