Costly Lessons Learned

As Coin Collecting goes -  I'm a novice! A bride still on her honey-moon.  Whatever phrase you choose to describe one who is still in the beginning stages of learning.  That's me!  Some times I've had more passion than sense.  Buying a coin before doing my home-work. Costly lessons learned.  This is not a cheap hobby.     But I'm learning as I go...

I ignited a passion for numismatics a bit more than three years ago.  (I said I was a bride).  I've remained passionate.  My husband doesn't understand this passion I have about coins. Last Christmas,  I asked him to return a gorgeous diamond neclace - and let me use the refund to purchase a paticular coin I covet.  We were both slack-jawed as we gazed at each other in astonishment. 

But I got my coin.   

PCGS graded and slabbed  (AU-59) - 1918-D Walking Liberty Half.  ( I was the kid at Christmas!)

I feel like there is so much to learn and so little time to learn it all.  

I have a couple of coins I've not been able to identify - Not an Exact Identification - to my satisfaction.  I'ts frustrating when people give me a general time period and explanation of a paticular coin (although my coin in question doesn't match exactly - the coin(s) used for their answer) 

Thank goodness for the internet I can search til my heart's content for the answer I seek.


Tayer09 Tayer09
51-55, F
Feb 25, 2009