Beast Mode...

Okay...I realize I have a problem...SEX!!!  It changes me into this angry person that never gets enough!  My lady calls me a wolf, because all night, every night, I'm on the prowl for her box. She isn't helping my condition at all by allowing me 2 take it whenever I want. She walks around naked, knowing I will transform @ any moment.  Allow me 2 walk U through my evening & maybe things will make more sense. So....I get home around with kids, homework, family topics etc. until after dinner.  Now around 8pm I head outside for my smoke break (Kush), then as I come back in she is getting ready 2 shower.  As the Kush starts 2 set in, she begins saying & doing subtle things that she knows will trigger Beast she calls it.  I try 2 take my mind off her SEXY chocolate body bouncing around in front of me by playing my PS3.  That doesn't last 2 long....because as she is leaving for the shower, she cussed @ me saying you’re not ******* me all night 2nite. She knows I do not like her using that language in front of matter if I do or not. So...I act as if I didn't hear it and continued playing the game. I give her about 5 mins. to relax & think that the moment has passed...then I head for the bathroom.  My whole mood has changed...inside I feel this rage begin 2 take over as I turn the knob. She looks up @ me as she is sitting on the base of the tub painting her nails as her water runs.  The look in her eyes tells me she knows that it is judgment time! She immediately stands up 2 hug me...but @ this point the wolf is in complete control.  I grab her around her neck & force her 2 the wall...then I softly ask her in her ear to repeat her last statement to me. She tries to say sorry & hug me...but not going 2 happen @ this point. I squeeze her neck firmly...just enough for her 2 understand the seriousness of the moment.  I then tell her 2 shut her mouth...and ask her who the **** does she think she is talking to?  At this point she is trembling slightly, but she can feel my **** against pressed her . She replies..."not U my King...I'm sorry..didn't know what got into me".  So....I slap her face as I hold her neck still against the wall.  Her body begins 2 pant like a dog in fear of what might happen next. I tighten my grip on her neck and whisper for her 2 drop to her knees.  Thru all the fear in her eyes...I can still see that she loves when I get this way!  She hits the stick like a crack head hits a pipe. I'm still holding her neck, even squeezing it if she doesn't gag after every insertion of my ****.  Her eyes begin to water, but her hand is attacking her **** like wild person.  I ram it deeper and deeper into her mouth, enjoying the feeling of complete control.  I then grab her & turn her around...I ram my **** into her from the back as she screams in pleasure. Her ***** is soooo wet...but I never told her to open her mouth, so I slap her face and whisper for her to shut the **** up!  She is in she tries not to make another sound...but my thrust won't allow her to remain quiet. I began slapping & gripping her *** so hard, as I take deep strokes into that abyss. I scratch her back & *** I am now in complete Beast Mode. I hold her arms behind her back firmly as she takes all of her Daddy's ****.  As I keep her arms from moving with one hand, I increase pressure to her neck and ask her if she is about 2 ***?  She nodes in excitement yes...then ask, Daddy may I *** on my **** really hard?  I say yes...and the flood gates open.  I then turn her around as she is gasping for breath....I hold her arms behind her back again & put one leg up on the tub and grip her *** cheeks as I hit the bottom of that box slowly. She is going crazy again...trying 2 kiss me...but I'm too far gone now.  As the feeling reaches its peak...I pull her down to catch it in her face. She does what she is her punishment is over for now!!!!  I clean up...kiss her gently on her forehead and whisper to her 2 never ******* disrespect me again.  She says yes a young school girl that has just been sent to the principal’s office.  I leave & head back outside in preparation for the start of round 2!

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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Holy crap! Sounds like both of you drive each other insane, in a good way.

Yeah....she created this she has no choice but 2 deal with him every single night ;)