Serious Stuff.

         I am a pretty addictive person in the main anyways. For years, when I was taking drugs I couldn't take just a little. No, that just wasn't me. I had to take lots and lots. Exercise. When I was in my mid twenties and feeling a little bit unhealthy, I didn't just exercise a little....I planned out a daily routine.

         Same with sex. Y'know, being brought up by a prostitute mother isn't something that most people have to deal with. It opens your eyes to a way of living. A way of 'being'. For me it was the norm. I mean, it was my life and my family. It was my experiences. My mum. I thought that all mum's did the same! When I got to a reasonable age - of 9 - I kinda realised the 'differences' between my mum and other friend's mums. You kind of put it all together.

          So experiencing that life, being around that 'lifestyle' did kind of bring me down another road. A road that I liked the look of. A road that was appealing. Mum made prostitution look oh so glam, y'know? The clothes, the makeup, the jewellery, the sex. All enticing to me. So I started travelling that road too.

          When I entered prostitution, at the age of 13, I had observed stuff but still didn't quite know what to expect. Boy did I find out! In some ways I was enthusiastic to be like my mum....But in more ways I just found that I was getting 'hard wired' for sex. It didn't take long, I suppose it doesn't when you're 13, to have sex and prostitution interlinked and have it always on my mind. Still pretty much is.

          Sex had lost it's link with being something about relationships and became something more. It's really wierd. That's one of the reasons I always seem to talk about how many punters I've ****** a night. A kind of bragging? Maybe. More a case of needing though....

          Analysing it all somewhat, what is the reason why I am a streetwalker? Why can't I be, like, an escort? I always say that I prefer quantity over quality. Banging guys in 15 or so minutes and then out on the streets looking for the next punter. Whilst this is true, it hides the fact that I have an addiction to sex. That's it right there.

          I mean, I'd like to say that I am pretty enough, even at the age of 40, to be an escort....only having a couple of 'dates' a night. But I don't want that. I have an addiction, all addictions, it leaves you wanting more and more and more...

          This road has lead me down some dark places. Abortions. Getting divorced from my husband. Losing my daughter in that battle. Cocaine  addiction. Getting raped. No fun had there, let me tell you. Partners? They come and go. All because I can't stay faithful. Like I said, I'm 'hard wired'.

          With sex and prostitution hand in hand it's only natural I spend a lot of time on my appearance. Then from looking like a street hooker to acting like one....the decadadent  lifestyle of drink and drugs. My circle of friends is pretty much limited to other prostitutes....or punters. It's all consuming at times. Difficult to breathe....

          The hardest time? When I'm on my period. My daughter, who is also a prostitute, lives nearby. Sometimes I really hate to be around her. I can smell the sex off of her....the punters. Makes me frustrated. Sometimes I even cry....

         I had some time away from prostitution....getting back with my ex hubby. That was really hard. We moved to another country, in the countryside. Nothing to do. I was so very low. I cried so much.....all because of being addicted to being a prostitute. I left him...came back home and, within hours, I was back selling myself on the streets. I felt so happy, but ashamed of leaving him. And for what? Sex. There was more to it than that but that's what it boiled down to for me...

          Being addicted to sex can be a nightmare! All day, every day - even when i'm doing my sports - all I think of is...what shall I wear? How many punters will I ****?

          It's a strange ol' life mine is....

          Sammy Jo Duponte xx
SamanthaTheStreetwalker SamanthaTheStreetwalker 41-45, F 62 Responses Dec 8, 2010

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Wow...thank you for sharing your story.

You are a very strong woman, by nature & in spirit. Please add me. I'll be happy if you'd do that. If I'm ever in the UK I'm definitely going to look you up.
Thanks, Bruce

Thank you for your honesty. Please add me as a friend.

That is so darn hot!!! Would you please add me...

Add a response...

Very interesting. Hasn't here been a person or more, male or female, that was really an exciting experience

Thank you so much for sharing

Sam that was a great story I have also been down the road of drug addiction I started very young Thank goodness it didn't kill me like a lot of old friends of mine . I was very wild when younger . I still have the addictive behaveyour I am married 19 years now and have 2 kids boys I have used prostitute for my sex addiction I like the rush of not knowing what mite happen and a deferent lady I like to try new thing and ladies but they stopped the website that I went to. So I go to a massage polar that I know of for my pleaser . The sex in my mirage sucks if I can even get any so I look for sex some were else if not ********** I like to be watched as I pull on my **** and make good and hard I think that is a another addiction. I love watching good home made sex videos group sex and swing. One of my friends that has move now used to share his wife with me we would do her for what seemed hours the best sex I have had in years I would like to find more friends like them and my wife found out and thing were rough for a while . I have talked to her about swing our sharing but know way she is not into this I still love her but she is know good in bed so I go now dreaming about some good sex some day before it to late . Thank you for sharing your story I would love it if you would add me as a friend .

Well, Sam, I know that this story of yours is ages old, but I've just stumbled over it.
I think that you are absolutely remarkable, and you leave me humbed. I truly mean that.
I love women and sex and, being in a sexless marriage, am sort of addicted to it.
I fell for a girl, via a chatline, who became a pro and she fell for me. At first we had great trust, but she fell into the wrong hands and became an addict and I could no longer trust her.
By trust, I meant not to tell my wife.
I think that I still love her - I am a very loving, non judgmental guy.
I don't know what to say except what a wonderful example you are to a lovely woman caught up in something from which she could not escape.
You need to be loved by people who understand and accept you as you are.
I hope that is the case.
Thank you Sam and thank you EP so being so broad in your catchment.
Peter xx

Thank you....

I am loved and cherished and have a life outside of prostitution as well as in it....


Samantha xx

Thats a fascinating story and so well explained. I think everyone has their own idea of what a prostitute is but without any first hand knowledge. I think this is very helpful for people like me who want to understand. I'm sure as in any lifestyle the people and reasons are many and varied but I now have a better understanding. I'm rambling I think but thank you for the insight

Thank you for reading it....

Samantha xx

Remind me of Levottomat, Your condition is much worse than that.

Brutally honest and yet full of tenderness and warmth - Thanks for sharing and for being so truthful!

Thank you for reading it....


Samantha xx

Ok. Might be i wil help u if ur in dubai.

you\'re so kind.

hey sam...i understand completely what you're coming ex used to joke that i was a 'male *****' cuz' i slept with ANYONE who came my way..must be my scorpion

still, i find that the most INCREDIBLE sex i have had has been with my wife...a spiritual and loving experience because u care about the person...not just a physical addiction...have u ever felt this way?

Yes.....having that 'connection' with my partner it does take on such a different feeling and intensity.....

But my partner, thank goodness, she accepts this other side of me that needs 'feeding'....

Samantha xx

Thank you, hun...

I had done heroin, back in the day. Please check out my blog series, "A Pros Life" parts 1-9....

I worked in a brothel for a number of years, about 4, and all of us were made to take heroin, amongst other drugs...

Did I manage to keep it in check? Well, with ALL of it, I managed to date and marry my eventual husband.....and we were together for about 3 years during that time!

Naturally, once he found out about my line of work - my pimp told him, so as to keep me working for him...kinda didn't work! - then everything went to hell in a handcart....and he left me....

Others using heroin and staying "normal"? Nobody I have known....all were hardcore IV drug users...

Samantha xx

Thanks Sam ~ I felt kinda awkward asking......

Would you do me the honour of 'adding' me as a friend ?

Apparently, I'm "In Your Circle", but not 'Friends' (not sure why?)

One of your stories was pretty-much the first one I ever read here on E.P.
I love your brutal-honesty in the few of yours that I've (so far) read.

Was 'blown away' by your passion on the "Deep Purple" thread & to think you are a hardcore Def Leppard fan (too) is just amazing for me !
(you've NO IDEA what THEY meant to me, growing up from my Teens, to fatherhood !!!!!).

'Pyromania' & 'Hysteria' are like "the" core soundtrack to my life....
(along with various YES & U.F.O albums too)

I'm gonna be checking out more stories of yours over the next few weeks, as well as carrying on 'over' at that Gillan/Blackmore thread you chimed-in on.

Fascinating ~ that's why I'd love to have you as an E.P. friend....
(besides, you're a fellow Brit' !!!!!!!!!!!)

Awwwww shucks!

I'm getting older these days, hun, and I have had a bit of a habit in picking to be friends on EP with some very crazy people! So, just sometimes, I don't trust my judgement and add nobody! Didn't know you even wanted to 'virtually' hang out until you mentioned it! Lol!

Well, the Leps are the soundtrack to my life, alongside KISS, Heart, DP and the glorious Dan Reed Network.....

I think from 'High 'N Dry' to 'Retroactive' you couldn't touch them! They went through a spell, around 'X' where I wasn't the happiest of bunnies, but 'Songs...' was an amazing turn back to those glory days!!!

Yes? Never quite listened to them, apart from 'Tales Of....', which was quite hard to digest....much preferred early (Gabriel era) Genesis or Rush! UFO? Don't think I heard enough of them really.

Got 'Strangers....' and that is pretty some ways, I take UFO like Saxon; know they're about but not really listened much to them.....

However, with Saxon, I have come to appreciate them a lot more.

Got a punter that showed me how to play 'Wheels Of Steel' on guitar!


Happy days!!!!!!

Samantha xx

Jeez Sam, you REALLY are a knowledgeable gal, aintcha ?

I'm gonna have to take this ONE paragraph at a time.....
(I'll quote yours, then 'add my take' on it.....)

(Sam) = " Yes? Never quite listened to them, apart from 'Tales Of....', which was quite hard to digest...."

Ha, ha, ha, (silly-cow) Re; 'YES'
You chose "THE" absolute WORST record they EVER made, period

Mate, that is as "dull as ditchwater" & listening to it was like trying to "swim the English-Channel" if it were made of tarmac & treacle !!!!!!!!

If any ONE 'single' (*double, but individual) album can be said to "have had the effect of alienating the rock-press AWAY from 'self-indulgent-Prog-Rock", then THIS album ("Tales From Topographic Oceans") was IT !!!!!!!

That's coming from a 'Hardcore' YES fanatic !!!!!!!!

Talk about disappearing up their own back-passage
(in ever decreasing circles).

The "only" good thing to come from that were the 'Logo & Cover'
Naturally 'muggins' here bought it (FFS), played once & it's still mint
(on vinyl, the ******* thing's a museum piece)

As a last "aside" to that (wretched/awful) album, I DID buy a Tee-shirt with the Logo (which looked cool)...... constanly got swiped by my (then) Fiancee, to cover her (giant) 42F cup **** (she was slim, but her **** were HUGE).

I've actually got a photo' of (strong) me, holding her up, both of us youthful & BOTH wearing 'Rock-Adorned' denim waistcoats ~ Me with 'Deep Purple', 'Boston', 'U.F.O', 'Led Zeppelin', 'Genesis' & 'Wishbone Ash' patches (!) & her with this friggin' Tee-shirt (YES; "Tales From...").

I used to play in a band, so, Led Zeppelin were "in order" back then !

(Sam) = " much preferred early (Gabriel era) Genesis "

Oh Jeez, NOW you're talking.....
I bought 'Trespass', 'Nursery Cryme', 'Foxtrot' & 'Selling England....£ '


After 'Wind & Wuthering' they became a "****** Pop-band" (Joke).
"And Then There Were 3" was the biggest ****-fest EVER.
(such a ******* MAJOR disappointment).

Jarvis Cocker's comment "Phil Collins is the Anti-Christ of Music" circa 1989 was EPIC (despite him being a superb drummer, previously)


(Sam) = RUSH ;; Oh Heavens-Above = CLASS ACT !!!!!!!!!

My joint fave band of ALL TIME ~ for me, the "Permanent Waves" (1980) thru to the "Hold Your Fire" (1988) spell has NEVER been bettered by ANY band.

"Freewill" & "Entre-Nous" is as good as it gets (outside sex !) & then "Moving Pictures" ('Red Barchetta' ~ 'Camera Eye' & 'Limelight')

Alex Lifeson was my hero, growing up ~ esp' being a guitarist in a band myself (waay back when)..... plus I love Geddy's Basslines & Peart's drumrolls !

Went to see 'em (Wembley) on the 'Signals' (1983) tour, plus five years later on the (Excellent) "Hold Your Fire" tour (1988, U.K) which was 14 days after 'Hysteria' at Wembley by your faves..... imagine THOSE two concerts in a ten day spell........
(oh happy days, April 1988 @ Wembley for me).

Lol! that Yes album wasn't suppose to be that great....I get it! Lol! My bad?

Well, Genesis are a new thing for me - just the last 3 years or so. I have some great bootlegs from their final, "The Lamb...", tour....funny PG trying to explain to the audience the concept! ;-)

However, I got given 'Duke' and thought that was a pretty neat album! Agreed with the trio stuff, to a degree....bit like musical wallpaper (but in which that wallpaper could REALLY play!)

Rush? Been a fan forever! Like yourself, that period (I'd say from '2112' onwards to 'Hold Your Fire'/'A Show Of Hands', some what? 14/15 years?) was a milestone in music....gigs? '88 was full of them! Kiss, Def Leps, Rush, Jovi at the end of it (I think!)....back when the Donington Featival was amazing!!! Interestingly enough, I was at the Brum gig that Rush did their "A Show..." Album/vid from! I've even seen myself there!!! :-)

Not forgetting Queensryche ! My first club gig, playing "Operation:Mindcrime" almost in it's entirety.....and that album was out on my 18th birthday!!! a band too? Wow! What were you called?

Samantha xx

Nothing you've ever heard Sam...... ("The Fat-Whelks")

Actually, we weren't fat at all......
Our Drummer suggested our name & it stuck !!!!!!!!

I'll discuss the other bands with ya 'off-board' ('P.M's), coz I'll probably get lambasted by vistors expecting to read about a 'Raving Nymphomaniac'
(i.e, YOU !!!!!!!!)

Getting back onto your 'Thread-Topic' (below), I find it utterly fascinating & absorbing to read what you wrote...... here.....

" Analysing it all somewhat, what is the reason why I am a streetwalker? Why can't I be, like, an escort? I always say that I prefer quantity over quality. Banging guys in 15 or so minutes and then out on the streets looking for the next punter. Whilst this is true, it hides the fact that I have an addiction to sex."

I guess it baffles me as to why you'd rather freeze yer fanny-off "Out In The Street" ~(a U.F.O. 'Strangers In The Night' track, geddit?)~ than to work "indoors" in a massage parlour or from a rented-flat, or home ?

Might sound a daft question, but does the 'appeal' of Streetwalking seem more sleazy & therefore 'naughty', than the comparative warmth, & clinical comfort of working directly 100% 'indoors' ?

In a nutshell, I think so.....

I've worked in a brothel.....didn't like told what to wear, how to act, what to say etc....


Plus the pimp, well, I hated! Won't go into that....but one of the girls pretty much stopped eating for a whole week because he said she was fat!

So....not on!

On the streets I am my own overheads apart from condoms.....and nobody to pay to I get all the money I earn!

Simple really!


Samantha xx

Thanks for your direct honesty Sam, it's appreciated.

There are several other paragraphs that (totally) intrigued me.
(I'll save those questions for later in the week, pace it out !)

If I saw YOU beside the road ~ chain-smoking in high heels, I'd be "drawn-in" like a Moth to a flame...... "A lost cause" !

******* good job I 'don't' live in Derby !!!!!!!!! LOL
(you'd have earnt ALL my dosh) x


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Sam, I can FULLY appreciate it'd be "likely" that you'd catch an std at least once in your life, especially given your profession as a 'streetwalker'.

Am glad for you, to hear it was "in the past" & that you're clean now & free to 'enjoy' your line of work......
(Honestly, I've nothing but admiration for you & what you do ~ stay safe hun', x)

One BURNING question for me & I'm SURE you'll understand me asking this (out of sheer curiousity, mind) & that is.....

Given your turnover of cash (over the years) & (as you say, your addictive nature), have you EVER at any time in your career, injected Heroin, or, "if you have".... been able to keep it in check ?

Reason I ask, is because I've seen (fly on the wall D/m's) people, usually girls, who've been dabbling, or, addicted over even a "ten year period", who've managed to hold down regular jobs whilst containing, or keeping their habit "in check".

They say the 'high' is like nothing else & obv's it's available if folks have the necessary cash (& I guess, like coke, you'd NEED deep pockets, or a decent income to sustain it.

Cigarettes, I fully understand (& yes, as YOU say, looks sexy !).

If YOU haven't injected Heroin, do you know any of your compatriots who HAVE & is it something they've been able to keep 'under control', as such ?
(please excuse the pertinence of the question, but something like this is a learning-curve for me & part of what makes E.P = such a GREAT site to share opinions & personal experiences !)


Luckily, I've been pretty healthy....had one std and been fine for a very long time now....

It's a case of finding balance, for me, which I have now....between career - and yes, after almost 30 years in the business I do see it as a career - and time with my partner and family.....

Thank you...

Samantha xx

What std's have you picked up?

Oh Buck!!

Well, I wouldn't say it was ALL bad but feeling drawn towards something all the time can be quite emotionally tiring....

Truth being that it has screwed up lots of my relationships, both of a sexual nature and of a friendship level, over time...

THAT was the most hurtful thing....

Certain parts of society believed, and I think still do, that prostitution is 'catching' - you spend time with someone who is on the game and you get 'infected' too!!

Obviously, not so!!

Through all the hardships and rape, drugs and drink and abuse that I got, the lack of respect from others just made it worse....

These days, of course, I am happy and content. Still working the streets? Sure. But also spending time with my loved ones too...

I could have gone like my own mum....

Luckily, my relationship is strong and my partner is accepting of me how I am...

Samantha xx

wow Sammy, in all the years I've known ya, I never thought about you being addicted to sex or having nymphomania. I just assumed you were plugged into your edgy lifestyle and that was what you got off on. Like the way I'd get high on stress working at high tech start-up companies. That lifestyle was bad for me the same way being a hooker was bad for you. I'm continually amazed at how much we have in common. Luv ya big time Sammy

Thank you for those kind words.....

No, don't pity me, please.....

My reason for writing this was to explain that, with this, my life is a bit like balancing on a razor's edge....

But, I believe that you transpose it to, oh I'd say an alcoholic having his first drink of the day, a worker having his first coffee of the day.....heck, even someone that is used to having a shower first thing in the morning!

Ok, not quite so extreme, but the concept is the same...

For me, I exercise.....that helps keep things at bay.....

But sometimes I'm just like some ferrel cat.....just rubbing up against someone because I need to mate....

My life is fine... I am content and I am happy with being the person that I am....

If you need someone to talk to then, by all means, message me....

Thank you....


Samantha xx

You can always message me on here....

What I like? I'm a veggie, love to keep healthy and workout, I do part time counselling, I have a cat, I love music, I am 'married', I have a daughter with another on the to cook, am a Sci Fi nut, love movies and reading and tv.....


Sammy Jo xx

Thank you...

It's fair to say that a lot of people on EP write about many subject matters...many and varied...

Myself, being a hooker is only one aspect of my interests and ideas and ideals are many and varied. My background and experiences lead me to who and what I am now....

The nymphomania aspect does impinge on other parts of my life....and it has it's issues....but I live with it and work around it....

Sammy Jo xx

I think you are great. You have many ideas and ideals. What other areas of life do you enjoy? Do you like to cook? Or do out door things? I'm a guy so I am very out door kind of person. I would like to correspond with you by email. How would you feel about that?

I am new to this site and found you on someone else's friend list. I read all your stories and I hope you add me as a friend. I have never had sex with a prostitute and not sure that I will, but Your stories help me realize that regardless of our back ground and experiences we can add and enrich each other lives if we are open and accepting. I find you very interesting. I come from a very different back ground. I would like to get to know you much better.

Thank you....sometimes a cold shower works....sometimes not!

Sammy Jo xx

tysm for sharing, its not easy to share stuff like this I bet. I mean anything so personla and this is very personal. I find it inspiring too, and think youre amazing. I Am adicted to being creative, and I know I have a high sex-drive, tho not addicted like this or anything. but I know my sexual urges help my creaticity for sure. Ty again, loved your words, they touched me :)

cool story, well written (-;

Well, when you're being led by your ***** wanting to be filled all the time it can get a little draining, honey!

Sure, in the main I love the life I lead....but sometimes you just want to relax and love being normal......

Sammy Jo xx

You make it sound horrible but it must have been fun also? Nothing is wrong with being oversexed! You can't help yourself. Just have sex and don't fight it. I don't think there is a thing wrong with accepting money. I admire your occupation. Think of the stress that you relieve in people every night. You probably have changed the course of many men but for the better. I applaud you!!!

Thank you. Well, these things are very real and, to use EP right, I believe you have to be as open and honest as you can.....sometimes to show yourself in a positive way, sometimes in a negative light.....

But always there to educate....

Sammy Jo xx