Mom Was A Nymphomaniac.

I can tell you from a family perspective, having a mother who was a nymphomaniac was hell!
Seeing strangers clothes on the living room floor, actually seeing her gangfucked; try to forget that!
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My ma was a horny women she used to take me and NY sister together to take a bath .
But I had a dad too so she was very discreet .
One thing I'm not sure how to think ;;; when I was 7 8 she gave me both penis and anal hehe pleasure ...
I'm not ashamed
We are all animals first

my mom was a nyphomaniac and a very horny woman. not only her but her friends and from a young age i was exposed to sexual pleasure and enjoyed every moment pleasuring my mom and later in my teens her horny friends. life was so good and full of pleasure i don't regret any moment of it.

I agree with hannahthreex---my mom was a nympho **** and she was not the least bit discreet---by the time I was 12 and getting hardons and so on I had probably walked in on my mom ******* so many guys it wasn't funny! I also heard others....and jerked off watching a lot when my hormones kicked in. It was GREAT!!!!