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More Please More More!

I have NEVER had enough. Always want more more. I mean.... I once stayed up for 9 days straight.. having sex with man after man after men ( I lost count at 32!) oh god non-stop insatiable perfect shameless sex....until I could barely stand or crawl or speak....and still I wanted more more more more more more
KaraSyrup KaraSyrup 36-40 22 Responses Feb 6, 2008

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Where was I sorry I missed it

That is the best way to spend your time. Maybe not being able to crawl or speak would be better and no shower when you climb into bed right? That can be done at a later time, but all the *** soaked sheets will be a good thing.

Oh god your words turn me on!

Say something else, please pretty please!

9 days? That's a really long time without sleep...

Was that 32 one-on-one encounters? If so, then it's a really impressive number, even for 9 days!

i am new 2 this but loving it its sexe an exciting i need that

a beautiful ladynever gives the wrong impression. She is always beautiful and desirable and flirty . i wish i could be all those things. but i am too homely.

How come I read about nymphomaniacs but can never find one despite exhaustive searching? Me thinks the answer is that they are all lying, fantasising or really men pretending to be women. I don't believe there is any such thing, but if anyone wants to prove me wrong, whooopeee, give me a bell. I'm free........

It's easy - all you have to do is make yourself available and enticing. I have had full sex with 3 TS ladies in less than a day and sucked six **** in an hour or so.

Promises, Promises!!<br />
<br />
*gigggle*<br />
<br />
O baby!

I need to **** you and make you ***.. to help your needs! ;)

why cant i find a soul/sex mate ? your story makes methink that I've missed a whole lot of life!<br />
oh! by the way add me as a freind

Wow, I am very impressed by all the ladies here and their appetites...and aroused... ;-)

I don,t think nympho-girl think about types?

call me for more +919899300189

How do you cure a nymphomaniac?<br />
Why would you want to?<br />
(alternative punchline): marry her.

gawd what i wouldnt do to meet a women like you ms. karasyrup -


Never met one of you before but I live in hope. My wife can not even begin to give me enough sex. I am always looking for more. I could happily spend all day making love. If any of you are ever in need, give me a shout. I would be glad to help out.

I've been buttfucked bareback by 15 different men in one night and I wanted more. That;s not even counting how many ***** I sucked and came in my mouth.

Wow, I didn't know there were so many of you horny women out there. Where are you all. I would like to be part of your party.

I want to know how you lined up 32 men straight in 9 days - so I can do it too!

I'd like to be one of those guys in line for you.

It was at this party/**** in San Francisco. It was, uh, RELENTLESS!
And I loved it so much!

Color commentary Miss Syrup. Keeps the conversations fresh. And what is your type?

I wasn't "coming after" you, Lucifer...<br />
Just flirting.<br />
<br />
Sorry if I led you on but....<br />
you're not my "type" at all, hon. <br />
Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

Never gonna happen J4P. hell, she's even coming after me now. But I'm a whole new breed of human. she might not be ready for this.

She wants MORE, MORE, MORE! have you ever been introduced to Bukkake?