I Often

wish I was not nymphomanic.
I learn to live with my sexual addiction and I enjoy it at times,
but like my counselor tell me its not healthy.
At times I feel so ashamed that I always thinking about sex and feel need to ********** so often
tirowki tirowki
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I think most guys would love to be with a nympho, so u shouldn't feel ashamed or anything. As long as it doesn't interfere with basic activities in ur daily life then ur good. I honestly don't think I've ever met a nympho... They must be rare

Relax and enjoy who u r

This book helped me. http://amzn.to/gPWtUD We are addicted because something is making us feel helpless. If we can treat that helplessness, learn to take direct simple actions instead of turning to our addictions we can be free. Cheers!

No, the more I have the Less I need

I love that you have such a high desire for sex and *******. And probably the more you have the more you want.

Thanks Zyzamora,<br />
Yes, I also feel maybe its my way to cope and lessen stress.<br />
Most my guilty feeling come from how other people judge me and my behaviour.<br />
I wear panty liners so I dont have to change my underwear so often, but I also have same problem, like you, that I get wet easy down there.<br />
Thanks for be my friend.<br />
I try to accept myself even I feel I too high desire for sex.

I think the guilt is coming from your counselor not agreeing with you and how it's embarrassing that most women don't feel that way. I can't talk much because I have been a nympho since 4th grade and i am 25 now. Right now...all i think and dream about is sex, sensual pleasure, 24/7 and it's hard not to. My body is so ready. I am always changing underwear throughout the day every day because I always make myself wet. I had a boyfriend but he couldn't keep up with me which made sad. Right now he has disappeared, I don't know where he is and I miss him so much. But don't feel guilty.;..us nymphos have our special needs and sometimes it's our way to cope and release stress. There are salts you can add to your food to help lose the desire and pills as well. But I am not doing that. I am proud to be a nympho and I want to be ****** hard core all morning, all afternoon, all evening, and all night. If you want to change because how other people feel then fine, but I don't agree with that it's about you, not others. Don't let other people try to stop you of being "you". You are special and unique....and you should be proud...I am. And to be honest, I am proud to meet another nympho. I wish we could be friends. If you want to be friends, look me up under "zyzamora" and if not, I wish you great luck and I hope you accept who you are and don't be ashamed.

don't feel guilty, Tirowki, it is the enjoyment of sex that makes us Human.

not harm others, not endanger me, it just make me feel guilty

i know exactly how u feel, because ive felt the exact same way my entire life. its really hard to deal with mental afterwards and you just feel guilty for wanting it so much and after its done u still want it.

Just enjoy one of lifes great pleasures. Mosy guys would love a girl like you, I know I would. I get to have sex maybe once every 6 months so consequently have to ********** daily for my pleasure. If I had a woman like you I would not need that. I am not ashamed, I am doing what is necessary to relieve my sexual tension. You should not be ashamed either. I think your councillor is giving you wrong advice. Sex relieves tension, gives pleasure and even gives you exercise so how can it possibly be unhealthy.


don't be silly. you are so fortunate to love sex. all guys want their girls and wives to be nymphos. you must be very desirable.