Growing Up On A Farm. The Making Of A True Nympho

Sis and I were up at 9, ate showered and out by ten AM. We always showered and douched. A week before school, the guys asked us if they could open us. We had no problem and it was a no brainer. There we were 8 and 6 and loving all of it. We were the sex dates of all these guys and loving it. We just told women, we had them because they had to be good to us or no dates with girl friends on weekends. The women laughed. One of the guys gave me a slap on the *** last year. It was no love pat, but I really enjoyed it and wanted more. I told him the next day, what I wanted. Do it until I say stop! He slapped me over 100 times before I said stop. I told him it was great and I wanted it done once a week. They had one hot to trot 8 yr old on their hands. In 2 weeks a 6 year old joinec in.

Sis and I were bored one Wed AM. We went walking into the break room Deserted at this time of year. However we smelled smoke and went walking in. There were two of the men hands who were always kind of our buds. Hi girls what are you up to, kind of stuff. Hey got just what you need. He cleaned a mirror put some white stuff on it and cut out, 2 little pieces of it. Now wet your finger and put it between cheek and gum. That't it. We had about two drings of beer and and another pinch of that white powder. This time about twice the size of the first one. After a few inutes, Are you feeling dizzy or sick or anything, Nope we replied. How about taking your clothes off he said. Good idea and you too so you can Eff us. Many was the Wed or Thurs Morning, when Sis and I had great spankings in a cloud of Cokaine and banging for the gang. They would bring their friends over to do us. The boys would teach all of us to do grass. We used good pipe with a grate. Put the grass in there and puff it until going. Then take a puff but do not inhale. Take it into your mouth and hold it there but do not inhale, Just swallow the smoke. After doing this 5 or 6 times, you will be high!!! We would get high like this and bang the other HS teams before a big game. We were nasty little *****. More in part 3...................B
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The word P O R N is automatically removed. But not the content. This story is CHILD P O R N.

CHILD **** ........... CHILD ****. ....... CHILD ****. Does no one monitor this site?

"They had one hot to trot 8 yr old on their hands. In 2 weeks a 6 year old joinec in."
I do not know who or what state has legal jurisdiction but this has got to be removed. I am flagging it. EP. Please be more vigilant.

I would believe it. xx ANN

Darlin V. That was only the tip of the iceberg. I would be kicked off here for language and content if I really told everything we did. Secondly, no one would believe it.........Clipper

Sounds like life on the farm was good still then :)