Be Proud As Nymphomaniac

Nymphomaniac Is absolutely correct and there is nothing wrong in it . I should say one must feel proud of being Nymphomaniac because Sex is a beautiful gift of nature and it Is a blessing who has got extreme sex drive and enjoy it explore it daily all the time with any body. Just think of the person who do not have required sex drive to enjoy the life , to feel the love of life , to explore the warmth of life . Just think what a curse nature has given to that person by not giving required sexual drive . So feel happy that God has not given you that curse ,but Blessed you with more sexual desire to feel the love of lovely world .SO BE PROUD AS NYMPHOMANIAC , AND ENJOY SEX.
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I am extreme proud extreme heavily ****** hard core dirty savage horny **** star and i love wild extreme dirty sex with men women and animal in group and single because i am a dirty pervert woman and feel extreme proud for my nymphomaniac character and enjoy the wild hard core sex when people drag me with excitement and give their hot juice in every part of my horny hot bady and smash me with their hot **** and make my whole body glistning and dripping with hot giant **** juice and wide dripping ***** juice ,pls **** me.

I would be proud but, because I am always horny women think I only want them for sex and thus it makes it nearly impossible for me to have a normal relationship, I probably won't get married, I probably won't have kids, I love sex in every way, but i hate that if I don't have that release, then I become a deviant devil, I don't believe half the people here that enjoy sex are nymphs, just *****.

" i am too hot wild horny all the time and always wet and dripping and hungry for wild dirty vulgar savage sex with any body and I have lot experience with many horny hard core wild men in group or one by one .I am extremely over sexed and feel extreme proud for such horny gift given by God and want to please as many person as possible. I am a bisexual and enjoy hot horny girls too in group and loved to be photographed if in wild mood .I smoke and drink heavy to get wild to enjoy dirty savage sex with all .come enjoy my hot horny sexy beautiful body in every manner. enjoy my sexy heavenly charm.

I am addicted to sex and am proud to be a nymphomaniac. Nothing pleases me more than hot and nasty sex. Being introduced to sexual pleasure at a young age made me what I am and I don't regret it.

I am proud to be a nympho, but my sexual driven nature has messed up alot of things for me. I can not have a long trem relationship with someone because im easly bored with are sex life, and im a cheater. I dont want to put anyone through that emotional torment. I am a cronic materbater. I have *********** to the point of bleeding. <br />
I have been this way since i was a child. I learned how to play with myself before i learned how to walk. Im not ever 21 and iv have well over 150 sex partners, I cant even tell you 15 of there names. If i am in a relationship with someone who is willing to acominadate my oversexuality, it is still to much for them to handle. If im not having sex at least 3-4 times a day i angry and in pain. Im proud to be as horney as i always am but it is also hard to deal with. Im a sexualy addicated nymphomaniac. And its not all its cracked up to be.

Will you please add me? thanks in advance jan

I think you are totaly right. Who told you to have one partner? It's our culture who decides that. We can love so many people as we want. You really should be proud of yourself indeed.

" Yes , I love to enjoy with many hot male and I do enjoy sex with many because that Is me and my intoxication that every body want to enjoy me and it Is my pleasure to satisfy all in every manner till they want to play with me .I am addicted to wild dirty sex with all in group or one by one and Feel Proud when they enjoy my horny hot hungry body . I am proud as a Nymphomaniac and Feel proud as horny ***** because this is a blessing of God to me ,who has given me wild horny sex drive. I am PROUD".

LOL, count me in ;)

Good for you!

BRAVO!!! I like the way you think!