Am I A Nymphomaniac??

I think I might be a nympho. I was molested at 6 until 10 by my original father and I would always try to get my friends to engage in sexual activities with me, and they did. I am now 18 and have been in a relationship for 2 1/2 years, I love him SOOO much and have never cheated on him.. which is why I don't believe I am a nympho.. but on the other hand, I want sex so much I think he gets tired of it..We used to have sex all the time but I think I wore him out.. We have sex everynight but I want MORE!!! I want it in the morning, afternoon, night, midnight all the time! It's weird everytime I pick him up or he just wakes up or we are out having a good time I would look at him and just want to **** right there! He just makes me soo HORNEY! I've also been VERY interested in females lately I LOVE lesbian **** and I'm trying to find a "friend" with benefits. My BF doesn't approve of me being bicurious so I have to do it on the low. Am I a nympho?
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i dont agree with the males from earlier..their stamina/libido might be low but that doesnt apply to all sex drive/libido is extremely high and i know i can outpace any woman..everyone is different..if ur bf is already ignoring u to that extent then he must not be that interested and its only gonna get personally when im around a hot female all i think about is sex i cant even focus on anything else but u say he sits there on his computer..that would be impossible for me but maybe he's just not into that amount of sex

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I think what the men said who have commented said has some validity. Physically, most men can't keep up with a high sex drive woman because we're capable of multiple *******, and many of them are one or two and done. <br />
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My ex could not match my libido, which drove me to cheating. He was more interested in the computer or TV. An hour of sex 3xs a week was enough for him. It was driving me crazy!<br />
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Ironically, now I have a partner with a higher sex drive than mine, but I feel like Marty does. I don't want to just ****, but creatively seduced by romance, kisses, etc. So I can see this from both sides. My thing was, 'slow down'! If you love your partner, don't lose him over this, talk to him in detail about your needs, but because of your history, I'm not sure if he can help. You two will have to meet in the middle somewhere...less for you...a little more from him.<br />
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What your father did to you was deeply, morally, emotionally, spritually just wrong. This very disturbing thing happened to you unfortunately changed your sexuality forever. There's nothing you can do about that. I hope you don't blame yourself for it. It was his sickness that made you the way you are. It's as simple as that. This is something that I had to confront as well. In my case, it wasn't as severe. A cousin fondled me over months, when I was around 9-10. At first I was confused by his actions, and because he was around 16, I did what I was told. He never penetrated me, but by the time I was 12, and discovered my father's ****, I had developed an intense interest in sex. I *********** frequently, and fantasized about being taken, sex, dicks...I loved boys, and in addition I had a father who was distant, so it was a perfect recipe to create a highly sexed girl. <br />
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Over years, I had to come to grips with not blaming myself for what happened, and stop being guilty about what my cousin had done to me. For years, I thought it was my fault, and that I'd caused it somehow. (I'm not sure where you are with what your father did. You mentioned it rather casually.) <br />
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Have you sought help? Have you considered that you're a sex addict? This is my first time in this group, so I don't want to offend anyone, but the term 'nymph' kind of sounds cute, but being a sex addict myself, I can tell you it's a serious problem which I went to therapy for. At first, I laughed at the title, but after years of problems and honestly looking at myself under a magnifying glass, my behaviors suggested that I was. As an adult; mainly I engaged in risky behaviors like setting up encounters with strange men from websites. Fortunately, through therapy, and a very supportive partner, I've got that under control. A high sex drive is one thing, but when it dominates a high percentage of your thoughts and actions during a day, where you can't get much else done without having to satisfy yourself, in my opinion, it has become a problem. You may not agree at this point, but sometimes one voice in the wind can make you think, and take a closer look at yourself. <br />
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Remaining in a monogymous relationship will be very important for you. I'm happy for you that you're doing that at your young age. I didn't...caused me years of wasted time, and useless relationships, time spent, hearts wounded, just trying to get disease or other problems though...I was lucky.<br />
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Be very patient with your bf and kind to yourself.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me! This really did touch my heart. I haven't told anyone what my father did to me except my boyfriend, I don't really feel there's a need to tell anyone the harms already done. My mom's an alcaholic and I don't want to say anything to put her on edge. I mentioned it casually because my BF was sitting about 5 feet away from me watching t.v (and he is again) and I don't want him to see what I'm writing. What my father has done to me I never forget and I feel like a sick person because I ask myself "shouldn't this make me HATE sex, why would I be addicted to it, I didn't like what my father did to me so why do I want sex all the time" It confuses me, then I blame myself because I had friends that he molested too and I think if it wasn't for me then they're life wouldn't have been messed up. Your resonse brought tears to my eyes. I don't know that I have a problem but maby I do I get SO mad when he doesn't want to have sex with me, it makes me feel like I'm unattractive to him it depresses me. It makes me sad he can go days without it, I think when we have sex I feel like he's expressing his love for me. Because like I said he's not a touchy feely guy that talks about love all the time, and when we're having sex I feel like he is.( If that makes sense) Idk.. I haven't had the easiest life and I guess it might just be attachment issues.. but again Thank you SOO much for your response. It truley does mean a lot to me.

You're welcome. I'm glad that it resonated with you.:) It's interesting that you have a bf who's not touchy feely. My current bf is very affectionate &amp; passionate, and I LOVE the attention he gives me. I remember being in a relationship like yours feeling love starved and isolated. You're young, so please don't get stuck with someone who may not satisfy your needs, or really understand you.

Yea, see he's not the touchy feely kind of guy. He won't even cuddle with me anymore. Idk if he's just tired of me or what. right now he's watching a movie like 5 feet away from me with headphones on. I know he's not cheating on me but he never gives me attention and I think that's why I always try to have sex.. That's the only way to get his undivded attention.. ugh! *CONFUSED*