" My Nympho Wife Part 1 " The Meeting

Being recently retired and finding way too much time on my hands, I came across EP and started reviewing different forums of all categories. It's was the forums containing sexually experiences that peeked my interest. Over the next several days of reviewing different topics I realize that there were many topics I not only related too but have actual experience's in common. The subject I was most interested in was on the topic concerning "Nymphomania" . For basically their whole lives both my wife "Kelly" and stepdaughter "Keri" have been afflicted with this syndrome.
Kelly spent a couple of evenings reviewing many of the same forums that I had. I asked if I could document our history dealing with the affliction. Kelly agreed as long as I didn't post anything without her reviewing it first and if it contained anything about Keri they both had to approve the content.
I have already posted several experiences under different topics (These were posted under a different name but for some reason "EP" decided to cancel that account so these are repost.). This will be my attempt to chronicle the events over the course of my relationship with my girls from the beginning .
I first met my wife "Kelly" in 1995 at our family's resort where I was then VP of guest services. Kelly had been hired by food services, she was 22, I was 29 and I will tell you that "Love At First Sight" is not a myth. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.
I first saw her serving drinks from the Cabana Bar to the beach and pool. Seeing that these areas fell under my department it was easy for me to watch and monitor her activities on a daily basis.
She was awesome at her job and with a little help, I soon had her promoted to a night bar manager and then to our nightclub.
It was about six months later we held a staff meeting with all our nightclub and bar mangers. After the meeting I found Kelly crying in the nightclub office. She told me that she had a 4 year old daughter (Keri) who was living with her sister and parents in another state and that her ex was causing problems over custody and wanted to know where she as well as her daughter were.
Her ex had been very abusive both mentally and physical their whole relationship and she had run away to here in hiding.
Kelly was working nights, going to college during the day and was sharing a house with five others in order to survive. She was sending money home to support her daughter as she could. She then advised me she had no choice but to "resign" and return home to take care of matters.
I then asked her if she be willing to take the night off (paid of course) and join me for dinner at my place, and see if we could come up with some alternative options to her situation. She said ok, so I told her I'd have her picked up.
From the time I became a VP, I had my own dating package that with one form and a phone call, everything I needed would be setup and ready for my date at my condo. This included, transportation , food and drink, also any extras (flowers, candy, booze etc.) The perks of being a VP are awesome.
The resort limo dropped Kelly off at around eight and the doorman escorted her to my place. My jaw dropped to the floor when the most beautiful woman I had ever seen walked through the door. There she stood in this yellow sundress that enhanced her beauty in every way possible you could imagine. I was awestruck.
After dinner we relaxed on the sofa with some wine, and she told me the events with her ex and daughter that lead up to her current situation. She couldn't work, go to college (she was in her last year and wanting to go to law school) and afford to raise her daughter, all at the same time, especially with her current living conditions.
It was getting late so I called the limo, and asked if she meet me in my office an hour early before her shift tomorrow, she agreed and I escorted her down to the limo. The next morning I met with the CEO, (just happened to be my father) explained the situation and told of my plan to help Kelly. He said go for it.
The next day she and I met as planned I told her I might just be able to help. We discussed her moving into my condo (I had spare rooms and baths and plenty of room), I work during the day she at night with college during the day so there shouldn't be any conflicts in our living arrangement. She asked about her daughter and I told her let's try it for a month then we can go from there. We discussed, with the rent she would save she could easily afford daycare for Keri. I also offered, if she sign a commitment contract for 5 years to go in effect after she received her degree(s), the resort would sponsor her tuition to finish college and if she can get accepted, (our corporation was very pro-education) her law degree. She asked what I expected for all this. I told her if she work in some housekeeping at my place and keep up the awesome job she was doing at work, that's all I expected. She asked if she could think about it, I told her it's a standing offer as long as she withdrew her resignation.
Three days later she came to my office and agreed to take me up on my offer. I told her by the end of shift she'd have all she needs to make her move, (keys, security code, and property clearance) anytime she wanted. I sat there cool, calm and collective as she left my office. But believe you me I was ready to celebrate and man did I.
The next day I got home was passing one of my spare rooms and she had moved in. It consisted of one small beat up suitcase and a couple of plastic bags, and some resort uniforms laying on the bed. All I could think, is this lady has *****.
I would go down daily to visit and have an early dinner in the lounge and just chat for a bit before things got busy. We very seldom saw each other at the condo.
Then the second week I noticed Kelly was coming in at sunup or sometimes not at all. It drew my curiosity but I didn't want to intrude on her privacy.
Her days off were coming up during a college break so I invited her and a friend and his wife out on our boat, (well 60 foot cruiser that had rooms for 6-8 easy) to do a overnight trip and back to Key West.
While on the trip with the help of lots of wine I finally got Kelly to open up more about her past. I finally asked about the coming in late or not at all. All she would tell is sometimes after work she go out with friends for breakfast and then to their place to unwind and sometimes just sleep there. This made sense to me, as I did in the past, allot of young bar staff do this. Back then we were open till 2 AM and then they still had to do the closeout so it was common.
A week later I had business in Atlanta so I did a day trip with plans to take the next day off. I got home around 2 AM took a shower, and went to the kitchen to get a beer and snack. Not long after Kelly came in said hi and asked how my trip had gone, said good night and headed for the shower.
I was sitting on the sofa watching a movie and Kelly came in with a glass of wine and joined me on the opposite end of the sofa. She stretched her legs out, so I pulled her feet up on my lap and started to massage them. She then pulled her feet back and cuddled up to the side of me and I put my arm around her shoulder's and pulled her in to cuddle.
After a little while she whispered "will you take me to bed" I didn't even answer. I got up, took her by the hand and lead her to my room. We entered my room she had her robe almost completely off. As I turned she removed my robe and pushed me down on my bed, and straddled me and went right to work. I already had a painful hard on and been off the circuit for awhile so I was ready. She reached down put me in her and within 2-3 strokes had all of me. (normal for me is 8 inches but with this one I was at least a 9 to 9.5 and I was all in her) She was the softest, wettest, and hottest **** I had ever ******. In no time at all I blasted my first load in her and she didn't even phase her. She then moved down, sucked me hard again, and climbed back on and pounded on me as deep as I could get in her with twice the vigor. I don't know how long she went then all of a sudden she sat straight up and shuddered and gave out this sensuous moan, her ***** tightened on me like a vice and went right to pulsating and quivering, which again brought me to deliver my second load. She then laid down on top of me breathless. She then gave me a kiss and left my room.
Still in awe of what just happened and knew sleep was out of the question, I was just glad I'd planned to take the day off to recover and dwell on what had happen.
This was the beginning, stay tuned for more to come.

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