I Cant Stop!

I have to have either sex or play with myself atlease 3 times a day. It is rediculous. My **** buddy can't even keep up with me. I love sucking ****, deepthroating, and being treated like a dirty slave ****.. I also like doing naughty things. Once when my sister was on her way to pick me up I seduced my **** buddy and got ******. Then I climbed in my sister's car while *** was leaking out into my undies. It was hot. And then I had to go to my little cousin's birthday party. I just can't get enough sex!!!
Isobellachloe Isobellachloe
18-21, F
8 Responses Sep 8, 2012

wish my wife is like u....

I GET HARD-ONS AT WORK LIKE EVERY AFTERNOON. It's a good thing I have a desk in front of me!

Or you see a "client" (me) in the summer. :)

Wish I could find someone like you I love sex too

Keep your motor running

I know how you feel.

mmm hot sexy girl you are... add me..

My wife use to be like that. I miss those days!! U husband so lucky!!

I have the same problem. My wife can hardly keep up some days!