Last night, we were both super horny for each other. I was craving his load so bad and he was craving my *****. So I suggested a nooner. Around 10am, I got ready. Clean, showered, fresh, light makeup. I got dressed in a sexy red lace bra and matching thong, put on my robe and waited. I quickly decided that I could dress up even more. He likes it when I do. I had a matching red garter belt so I put that on and knew I needed some thigh highs on to be complete. I found some nude thigh highs with a lacey top, put them on, and looked in the mirror. It was nice, so I put on my robe. Then I looked and found the sexy, silky number he bought for me a few weeks ago. I put it on. Found some cute heels wrapped my soft robe around me and waited.

So anxious, I call him. He's about 30 minutes away. I told him how anxious I was, which made him hot. I then asked if he wanted to play a game. "Guess what's on under my robe." I tell him to come on in when he gets here. And then we hang up the phone.

He walks in the door. I already had some sexy music playing in my bedroom. My heart is racing, just pounding out of my chest with anticipation. He turns down the hall, says hi, and presses his lips to mine, deeply. I can tell he's anxious to know what I have on. I walk backward into my room, shut the door, and remove the robe. His eyes light up and a look of pure happiness washes over his face. I lean on my closet door while he inspects my *** in thigh highs, a garter, and a thong. He then spanks my *** with his amazing, powerful hands. Next I hear him tell me to stay put as he removes his thick, leather belt. Then I feel the weight of it against my *** and I stand there and take it. After some time, he takes the belt and wraps it around my neck and forces me down on my knees so I can suck his ****. He shoves it deep down my throat and I take it for a bit before I gag. I continue to gag and my mouth fills with spit, I can't breathe so I remove his wet **** and gasp for air. He likes when I gasp. I look up at him because he likes that, too.

He wants me to bend over my bed and stick my *** up. He loves me in this position. He starts licking and biting my ***. Soon my thong is pushed aside and I feel his tongue gliding in my *****. It feels amazing and I can't help but moan and make all sorts of wonderful sounds, gasping. Finally, when I almost can't take it anymore, I feel his beautiful, thick **** press up against my *****. So lovely. He gets in deep and keeps it there, filling me up completely. Feels so good. Then he starts ******* me, hard. I can feel my ***** getting wetter with anticipation of *******. I know it will happen, he's just getting me started.

He tells me to get on my back. With my legs spread and up he starts teasing my ****, rubbing it, getting it wet. I want to *** so bad. Finally I feel his fingers inside me. Not long after I *** and I feel release and warm fluid running down my ***. He does it again and again. He licks me after I ***, gets him so hot. He makes me *** again and then ***** me. Pulls out to make me *** again and again. And some more. I feel like I can't *** anymore, I feel so drained. I get ****** some more, licked, and he makes me *** yet again. My *** and ***** are glistening and soaking wet. He kisses me and tells me to lick my *** off his lips. He then moves his body close to my head and I suck his ****. He tells me not to stop no matter how hard I ***. So I suck his **** as he makes me ***. I'm gasping for air while being facefucked and *******. How awesome.

He asks me if I want his load, and I say I do. He jerks himself while I tend to his balls. He really enjoys my tongue. Then he says to stick my tongue out and as I look up at him with my mouth open wide and my tongue ready, he **** across my lips. He fills up my mouth with *** and when he's done I swallow and lick my lips. He bends down, smears *** all over my mouth, and kisses me deep.

We embrace and are two of the happiest people in the world.
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How lovely.
Mmmm !! I do miss all that.
Thank you.
Peter xxx

What are you doing over lunch tomorrow?

So hot. Love a woman who puts make-up on for sex :D

Love your story got me hard keep it up

super hot story.

That was a great story. Thank you.