My Mind... I Am A Nymphomaniac

Touch me, oh please touch me
let me feel you, set me free
im trapped in a whirlwind of lust
And im aching, ready to combust
press yourself against my torso here for you to swallow
crush me hurt me let me bleed
oh please give me what i need
dig your teeth into my skin
i could be your favorite sin
drive your hips into mine
run your nails down my spine
violate me and make me feel ashamed
in the end i'll be the one to blame
as you convulse on top of me
thats when you start to see
you're face fills with disgust
you get off and began to adjust
i lay awake all night thinking back
and as my shame begains to slack
i'm there again wanting more
ready to forever be your *****
earthtochar earthtochar
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Made me hard keep it up

you would be a ***** a lot ... no time to think back

Wow, very hot! You can be my *****!

look forward to it