The Transformation From Sweet Innocent Young Bride To My Kinky Nymphomaniac **** Wife

When were first married, I was away during the day, and my new bride did a lot of reading. I remember seeing one of the books was "The Story of O".  I didn't know what that book was about until the release of the controversial X-rated movie version of the book. That tale of a woman being dominated by her lover really touched my sweet, innocent bride. It was a real hot button for her but she was afraid how I would react.

A couple of years passed she became a lot more self confident she found she really enjoyed being naked and  showing off her perfect body whenever she could. She started wearing clothes that were more revealing and her bathing suit became this tiny little yellow string bikini. She was so hot looking!

This increased confidence also gave her the courage to confide in me about being submissive in bed. Finally she confessed  that during sex she wanted me to tie her up and whack  her *** with a riding crop.  This sorta caught me off guard but I loved my wonderful wife so much I would do anything that made her feel more excited and more satisfied in the bedroom.

So when we retired to our bedroom, my spouse brought out several antique riding crops and leather bats that she had purchased from these antique auctions we had frequented. I wasn't sure how I was going to restrain my wicked wife but she found several long silk scarves and some cloth material for me to tie her up with.

I felt a little awkward about our new little bedroom  game at first but my wife  loved it. She explained to me hoe she discovered that  being tied up gave her something to push against while we were having sex  and the tension made it easier for her to ***. And she said that when I smacked her *** with a crop, she could focus on the pain and that also increased that sexual tension.  She also found that the  leather riding bat was the best because it made a loud clap when I slapped her *** with the bat's  two flat leather pieces.

At first I didn't understand what was happening here but hey whatever made her feel good was fine by me. It wasn't at all  my thing but that changed too. I found that I enjoyed spanking her and she loved it when I treated her like my **** toy. I enjoyed doing that, too!!

 As we continued to experimented with this new kinky aspect of our bedroom activities, she always tried to"crank up" the intensity of what we were doing. It took me a while but I realized she was testing herself and seeing what her boundaries were.  Eventually she became more and more horny and adventurous. Her all time favorite sexual experience was her outlasting a dozen guys during her first gang bang.

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How lucky she is to have a husband that is willing to do what pleases her. I too also enjoy being tied up, and I don't care to have my butt spanked, but I do enjoy my ***** to be spanked...OH GOD it is AWESOME!!!