It's Always So Hard.

At the age of 10 I found my uncles p*** stash I had no ideal that this was going to become my addiction and personal torment. I remember look at those gorgeous women and wondering to myself if the look of elation on their face was real or were they pretending ? Soon magazines wasn't enough I quickly upgraded to movies ; this would give me the answer I was looking for, for sure !
It's funny even these many years later thinking about it gives me the shakes I had finally got my hands on a movie I couldn't just play it right away I had to avoid being caught and questioned about where I got it . I remember rushing home from junior high that day knowing I had three whole hours before my mom was home. I remember putting the VHS tape in and pressing play ... That is the last time I remember life without p*** . I got my question answered but the coast was higher then I imagined . I watched as those women begged,screamed and moaned for more throbbing hard ****s to penetrate them. I stared as the their eyes rolled back in blissful agony . listening to their cries of ecstasy sent me into a m**********g frenzy. I was hooked like a heroin addict getting high for the first time. It wasn't long before I could by the tapes for myself I remember buying them and hiding them like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter ... (stopping to shake my head at that memory) all of it was so good but i quickly found out my true weakness was girls with big toys, squirting/oozing female ejaculations of all kinds, women that swallow and anal and with this new thing called the ( internet ) I could now have 24/7 access to all the **** exacting clips I was fiending for, the timing couldn't have been more perfect because life on a NAVY ship is rough, but I landed in Japan the land of P*** and crazy fetishes and met a woman that I still crave to this day . I now know that succubus are real. Miki reenforced every P***graphic imagination and fantasy I every had. We would spend days having sex. I was never allowed to *** anywhere else but in her mouth she drank every drop ( she was feeding on me ) there were times I was so weak I could hardly stand but I never felt so loved, wanted, used and objectified in my life. I would stroke her head as she drained me of all of my fluids and would pass out watching it squirt into her greedy mouth. (-_-) Now that I'm back in the states my sex drive is so high. P*** doesn't even began to quench the fire I would have to m********* all day just to feel some relief. I have ruined relationships because normal healthy women don't want to be treated like a sex toy . I have tried to stop M********* most days I wake up with it so hard i can't roll over ( just wish I was normal again ).

well that's my story
AcuteAngle AcuteAngle
36-40, M
Jul 6, 2013