All I Want Is to Have Sex :/

All i want to do is have sex all the time. My bf does not. if there is anyone out there who has this problem and have some tips for me to come my sex drive down plz let me know. I am 30 years old and i think about sex and want sex all the time. I constantly master bate. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to come my sex drive down i would appriciate it thx.

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Why calm it down? Enjoy it and if your partner don't want to, then find someone who will. There are many more men like me who would love to have a woman like you. Life is short, enjoy it while you can. Ed in VA

I think sex is like an appetite some have more and some have less.....<br />
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With nymphomania it is a journey searching for love and closeness....and because one never finds it with just sex for sex sake...the emptiness inside can become deeper and the need to fill the void can become insatiable....unfulfilled...<br />
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The fix is to find closeness and love with oneself....when this is found the insatiable drive lessens and the desperate need inside can subside to a more comfortable level.....and the sexual appetite becomes more into the range of being a normal healthy human being.......and sex can become more enjoyable...<br />
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Hope that can help...

Don't stop no need to enjoy it. I know what you are thinking what makes it so wrong not to enjoy self pleasure and mutual sex. I wish I would of found that same person before pulling the trigger. If your not married look for that same person you will thank me down the road.