Nymphomaniac Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It....

Nymphomaniac doesn't even begin to cover it... I am involved with a married man and we have a very open and honest relationship. He had no idea that nymphomaniacs really existed until now... Our joke is that I think about sex every 3.5 seconds... and it's true... I've never Not been in the mood for sex... even when I don't feel well.... and if he was younger more than once a day would not be out of the question! We've been seeing each other for over 2 years now and I'm still horney and loving it!
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I wish I had a nymphomaniac I'm a nymphomaniac only problem is I'm not having any sex

I think I'd live the sexy comments and teasing that would go on as much as the sex!!! Can I be your friend?

You sounds like what I have right now.. but were almost 3 years. twice a day would be our minimum. before going to sleep and early in the morning. she's 4 years ahead with me..
and I'm a married man.

Iv been a nympho since i can remember. I was ************ before i was walking! If my boyfriend and I dont have sex more then twice a day, I get angry. Im proud to be a nympho but at the same time Iv dont alot of distructive things with it. Iv had over 200 sex partners and I can only remember maybe 20 of there names.

200? That's impressive.

thats right girl eat a **** up.

I am also a Nympho and don't believe what anyone says if they tell you to see a shrink for it because they don't help and just want to prescribe drugs which all tthye do is keep you in a brain fog. I have found that the only way to satacify my needs is to ********** as often as needed to make it so I can actually concentrate on work, projects, and or just daily living activities.

I love these stories from you women. I have NEVER met a nymph but boy would I like to. I do not understand why the nymphs and the sexless men get together and us horny guys (all the time)<br />
end up with someone who could any do go for months at a time. <br />
<br />
I would much rather be with a nymph If I could not handle it...I would love to try I would acquire whatever she needed to keep her satisfied and yes it would make me horny too. Damn its a <br />
***** to read all of these stories and not have a huge hard on and want to SCREAM OUT im<br />
right here. I would love to make love ALL night long. All day long. Have I ever done it? Yep sure<br />
have but it was a few years ago and it was marvelous. It involved two women and me but I though<br />
I was in heaven. So Please if any of you are in need I can fulfill your needs and would love to<br />
PM ME please.

I am in agreement with ALL of the comments made about being a insatiable person. I don't believe the love of pleasure is GENDER specific. I say this because women enjoy having ******** as well as men. I am a 30 year old nymph to the hundredth power. I love having sex. How I look at it...when it comes down to eat. It really is narural. It's liberating losing the restraints and confinements that often times cripple us, by doing what makes us happy.

I think sex is like an appetite some have more and some have less.....<br />
<br />
With nymphomania it is a journey searching for love and closeness....and because one never finds it with just sex for sex sake...the emptiness inside can become deeper and the need for closeness and sexual contact to fill the void can become insatiable...temporarily satisfying but unfulfilling and the need for more rises very quickly...<br />
<br />
The fix is to find closeness and love with oneself, or raising ones own self esteem....when this is found the insatiable drive lessens and the desperate need inside can subside to a more comfortable level .......When the driving need is lessened sex can become more enjoyable and more satisfying... long term...

Im like that too im always thinking about sex and am always horney..

when i'm driving i always count the women i would have sex with. all i do is think about sex. i sometimes ********** when i drive by a beautiful woman. i'm married and have a girlfriend that i have sex with several times a week,but i still want every pretty i see.

I am a nympho too I think! I walk around without panties hoping someone will see my lips and do me right there and then! I have exposed myself several times. I think about men and their ***** all the time. I have been to a naturist club and became very popular as Im 18 and slim and looked at all of the guys in there whatever age they were and made quite a few of them rise!!!mmmmmm

Wow you are very good looking. I can see why there was much rising going on.

I have been living with a nymph for about 3 months. I can enjoy sex once maybe twice a day but this isnt enough for her. Is there anything any of you can suggest to curb her appetites just a little bit?

paxil or zoloft wipes that sex drive right out.... or BC pills

I thought I was the only one. I am 23 and married, my husband is 6 years older than me and he only likes have sex with me once a week, if i'm lucky. We can go months without it and it DRIVES ME NUTS!!! I unfortunately have cheated, but he still stayed with me. But hes still the same and now i'm begining to feel llike maybe I can find someone with the same sex drive as me. <br />
<br />
~lonely in az


this cracks me up, i am with a married man as well and i cant get enough of him! when do get to spend the night together we have a routine were we will have sex then sleep for about an hour, and then i will wake him up for more! this goes on all night until one of us has to leave in the morning. the day after our nights together i am so sore that it hurts to sit down! which is the best pain ever for me!

So it is possible to phuck until your h ole is sore?

I got one better... I remember standing in front of my EX, I was all turned on and ready to go... I stuck one hand up my shirt another down my pants... He looked up at me from the couch and said "Give it a rest already will ya!" We aren't married any more either...

so sorry, I wish I had a gf like you cz Im horny all the time..i have been with several gfs but i have never met my match..someone who is as hungry as I am..

Id have left his *** too!!!!! I can **** all day and night.

I understand your pain. Its hard. And then when you gall in love with some guy that wants it once a week is ridiculous.

lots of guys might think think this can't possibly be true.. well, i can confirm that it is. society assumes that it's only guys who are sex-hungry. think again! (and again.. and again .. ;-) )

you are not alone!