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Im 17 Im A Nymphoniac And Need Help

i am a nymphomaniac sense a long time i no sex sense I'm 3 years old i come from a family that abuse me at a young age and wen i told some one they all turn there back on me my grand-mother boyfriend abused me i was only 5 years old i went too court for it and i lost not enougth proof after that i was 9 years old and my father took my virginity and did allot of stuff whit me until i start doing mark on my self i was 14 years old wen i told about my dad hiven after all that i steel love my dad but i don't love me like he us too i which i could have him like i was before the abuse start and now i got problem allot whit my sexuality and it become worst at 11 years i went down in a basement whit a 16 year old boy a 12 years old i ad my first 3 some ans I'm only 17 years old and i don't now whit how Manny guy i sleep whit 2 years a go my Doctor told me i add anormal cell Du too sex it could cause cancer i was lucky it fices is self but I'm in love whit the best man in the world i would do anything for me but sex is a big problem i don't like sex like i do and I'm scared too loose I'm because of sex again please somebody help me before i get back too cheat on a man i really love i got out of hand :( and don't mind my English I'm not good at righting I'm french hope you understand

gougoue1 gougoue1 16-17, F 6 Responses Jan 11, 2010

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add me

one thing you don't need to do, is think about anything " buddawannabe" has to say! he's the biggest idiot on EP! listen to the people who have a foot on reality! sense your age is too young for me, i'll suggest listening to ronald, he seems to have an insight for your situation!

How are you doing now?

Love your man and take as much love from him every time you are with him. <br />
<br />
Why should you lose him because you love sex ?

tank you buddhawannabe i'm gonna try that :)

Therapy, therapy, therapy plus a 12 Step program for your addiction. Good luck. Take care.