Girlfriend Raped By Stranger In Train..

I have this really sexy girlfriend and this story is set in summer time, we were on a train, it was very hot and humid outside and hence she was wearing shorts and a sleeveless top exposing a little bit of her cleavage. I had a fantasy of seeing her get ****** by a stranger and she had it too.. I noticed that the coach was almost empty, except for two other guys. I had seen them ogling at my girlfriend's (Sarah's) boobs. I went to talk to them and struck a conversation about Sarah. They told me that they'd love to **** her. So I made a plan with them to fulfill my fantasy. I went back to my seat, told Sarah that I was going tothe washroom and went, signalling to the guys that it was their move now. I stayed and watched as they slowly made their way to Sarah, one of them groped her from behind, covering her mouth and the other pulled out his **** and spanked her face with it. Then they tied her arms and legs and undressed, pulled down her shorts and top and one of them fingered her while the other rubbed hia **** in her cleavage, she was trying to shout but her mouth was tied... They ****** her in every position imaginable and then they both ********** inside her mouth, forcing her to drink it.
Then I came back, she looked satisfied as I told her of my plan. We satisfied our fantasy ;)
1 Response Dec 2, 2012